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At HammondCare, we provide the highest possible quality of care to all people with an assessed need, regardless of their financial circumstances. This means that your financial situation will not affect finding a place at HammondCare.

There are a number of pricing options available for residents. These can be complicated, but we’ve tried to make them as clear as possible. If you’re not sure what the best option for you is, or if you would like to talk to someone about your financial situation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What does it cost to live at HammondCare Hammondville Harding?

Residential aged care costs fall under two main categories:

1. Accommodation Costs

From 1 July 2014, residents have three options for paying for the costs of their accommodation:

Option 1: Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD). This is a lump-sum payment. The maximum RADs for Harding is $625,000. 

Option 2: Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP). The maximum DAP for Harding is $85.61.

Option 3: RAD + DAP Combined. This is a combination payment that is made up of part Refundable Accommodation Deposit, and part Daily Accommodation Payment.

You are able to pay any RAD + DAP combination you wish. An example of a RAD + DAP combination for Harding is a RAD of $405,000 and a DAP of $30.13.

In this case, you can deduct the daily payment (DAP) from the lump sum payment (RAD).

HammondCare Assurance

Residents who choose to pay for their accommodation by a RAD/DAP combination may also determine to have any DAP and/or Personalised Services Fee withdrawn from the RAD.

Residents or representatives may have concerns that the RAD amount will, over time, be consumed by these deductions.

HammondCare will ensure that at least 65% of the RAD paid will be returned for residents:

  • Whose income and assets assessment by Centrelink/DVA indicates that the RAD they have paid is the maximum that they are able to pay.
  • Who has paid a RAD that is equal to or higher than the HammondCare example RAD/DAP combination for that specific care home (as shown on the HammondCare website or printed material).

Those who do not agree to have any regular deductions from the RAD will receive the full deposit when they leave the care home.

Accommodation Supplement

The Australian Government also pays an accommodation supplement for residents who are unable to contribute to the cost of their accommodation. So in this way anyone, no matter what their financial circumstance, can access the care we offer.

2. Care Costs

The Commonwealth Government subsidises the cost of care. Residents are asked to contribute in the following two ways:

Basic Daily Fee

All residents pay a Basic Daily Fee which goes towards care needs and living expenses such as meals, cleaning and laundry. The standard Basic Daily Fee is 85% of the single pension, or $54.69 per day.

Means-tested care fee

In addition, residents whose income and assets exceed thresholds set by the Australian Government will also be asked to pay a means-tested care fee which contributes to the cost of their clinical care.

3. Personalised Services

To provide comfort and satisfaction to residents, all HammondCare residential sites have access to a number of high-quality services and features. At Hammondville Harding, from just $29 per day, Personalised Services are provided in addition to the provision of standard care and services. These Personalised Services highlight the value in HammondCare’s unique model of care, which incorporates resources and services that aim to enhance the overall living experience for each resident.

Please get in touch with our Admissions team to learn more about Personalised Services and the costs involved.

So what will the total cost be?

Your specific care costs will depend on a number of factors, including your particular circumstances and care needs. If you would like to discuss these further, please contact our Admissions Coordinator on 1800 776 112.


To make things clearer, here are some examples of how accommodation and care costs might interact in individual cases. Please also have a read of our frequently asked questions.

Mary is a full pensioner who was renting a house. When she was assessed as eligible for residential care, she moved into a low care, dementia-specific home at HammondCare. Because she did not have significant income or assets, Mary receives the government’s accommodation supplement and she does not have to pay the means-tested care fee. She will use her pension income to pay the Basic Daily Fee.

Bill is a retired welder who lives in his own home. When he discovered he needed residential care, he sold his house for $420,000 and moved into HammondCare. The home's maximum accommodation price is $550,000 and he chose to pay a combined $360,000 refundable deposit and a $26.02 daily accommodation payment (based on the outstanding amount of $190,000). He also pays a means-tested care fee of around $10/day and Personalised Services fee out of the remaining $60,000 from the sale of his former home. He also pays the Basic Daily Fee out of his pension.

Jane is a retired accountant. Before she moved into a 15-person cottage at HammondCare, she lived in her own home near the beach that was worth $800,000. She paid the full refundable deposit of $758,000 and so did not have to make any daily accommodation payments. She now pays a means-tested care fee based on her assets and her investment income. She also pays the Basic Daily Fee and Personalised Service Fee out of her investment income.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The accommodation price that you agree to before moving into an aged care home will remain fixed and there are three options for making this payment – a refundable deposit, an equivalent daily payment or a combination of the two.

Once you move into one of our aged care homes, you have up to 28 days to decide which payment option you wish to make. If you choose to pay a Refundable Accommodation Deposit, you have up to six months after you move in to make that payment.

If you wish to make a combined refundable deposit and daily payment, you have the option of deducting the daily payment from the deposit. When you make this choice, the overall amount of your accommodation payment will not change but the amount of your daily payment will increase as your refundable deposit reduces.

If your income is higher than the basic full pension rate and/or your combined assets are above a set threshold, you will be asked to contribute to the cost of your care.

No one will be asked to pay more than $29,399.40 in one year or more than $70,558.66 over their lifetime.

The way you choose to pay for your accommodation will impact how you contribute to the cost of your care. For example:

  • If you decide to pay a refundable deposit, this amount will be included in the assessment of your assets, which is used to determine your means-tested care fee.
  • If you choose to rent out your former home and use rental income to pay a daily accommodation payment, the value of your former home will be capped at $178,839.20 for the purposes of determining your means-tested care fee.

To discuss the options that are available to you, feel free to contact our Admissions Coordinator on 1800 776 112.

Yes. No matter what your financial circumstances are, HammondCare has a place for anyone who needs care. And if you are unable to contribute towards your accommodation costs, the Government will pay an accommodation supplement on your behalf.

To see if you are able to receive the accommodation, you can complete an income and assets test through Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Residents who entered an aged care home before 1 July 2014 will have no changes in the way they contribute towards for their care and accommodation, unless their needs change and they enter a new residential agreement after this date.

If you have paid a Refundable Accommodation Deposit on entering an aged care home, it will be returned to you when you leave the home. If you have deducted Daily Accommodation Payments or other payments, such as the Additional Services Fee, the balance of your refundable deposit will be returned to you.