Robyn Keall

Robyn Keall - Nurse Practitioner, Northern Sydney Palliative CarePalliative Care Nurse Practitioner, Northern Sydney Community Palliative Care Team

RN GradCertPC PhD

Dr Robyn Keall is a Nurse Practitioner in palliative care and works across the three HammondCare sites in the Community Palliative Care Team in the Northern Sydney Local Health District. Her PhD focused on enhancing existential and spiritual care for patients by improving nurses’ communication skills.

In collaboration with Professor Melanie Lovell, Robyn has recently completed an ACI grant-funded evaluation of the Palliative Care Rapid Response team project and the restructuring of the after-hours palliative care service. She is interested in patient and carer education that leads to better self-management of symptoms, improved quality of life and dignified deaths.

Robyn is a proponent of research-driven best practice guidelines, which allows for wider dissemination to generalists and communities to provide palliative care. She is currently working on best-practice guidelines to reduce opioid misuse in cancer patients for the Cancer Council.