At the heart of palliative care, it’s more than you think

National Palliative Care Week was held between 23-29 May to raise awareness about the many benefits of quality palliative care. Despite myths that palliative care is simply in the last few days of life, it is so much more than that. More than managing physical symptoms, it encompasses the holistic care and compassion that HammondCare brings.

Collaborating with Palliative Care Australia and building on this year’s theme of 'Palliative Care, it’s more than you think', HammondCare has taken the opportunity to focus the meaning and the many layers of palliative care, including the support and care of patients, clients, residents, families and people who work within this space.

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For us, it’s a time to give thanks to the passionate and dedicated people who work and volunteer in palliative care across Australia, and honour the many people and their families who are supported by palliative care during their difficult journey.

To celebrate National Palliative Care Week, HammondCare organised a range of activities, including events, reflections and remembrance.

Take a moment to give gratitude

Palliative Care Week is a time for reflection.

If you visited one of HammondCare’s sites, including hospitals, residential homes, state-based offices or the head office, you will have noticed the Gratefulness Walls, which allowed people to write their own reflection and put it on display.Just fill in a ‘What does Palliative Care mean to you’ card and add it to the wall.

Gratefulness Wall Notecard

You are also welcome to share your reflections via social channels. Just remember to use hashtags #NPCW2021 and #HCMoreThan.

You can follow the conversation on HammondCare’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter channels.

It’s all about giving gratitude and support to those who provide compassion, respect and empathy, through connecting, listening and sharing.

The Palliative Centre turns one 

It’s a big week in palliative care for us, as Palliative Care Week coincides with the first birthday of The Palliative Centre

HammondCare has been providing end-of-life care for people since 1907. A focus on continuous innovation, research and dedication to better care for over 100 years has helped us establish The Palliative Centre as a leader in palliative care and support.

The Palliative Centre is a central hub for palliative care patients, families and healthcare professionals to access a wide range of services, research, programs and practical resources in one central place. 

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Championing quality palliative care for all

HammondCare is a leading provider of palliative care in hospitals, residential care and in the community, driven by the belief that palliative care should be available to people where and when they need it.

We are committed to enabling choice and quality end-of-life care for all. Our approach to palliative care champions living fully and actively, because every life matters to the end.

This is shown through the HammondCare Foundation’s Dreams Project, which gives palliative care patients the chance to live out a meaningful dream, from saying goodbye to a family pet to visiting a place that holds special meaning.

It is the Last Days program that provides a supportive environment to discuss death and dying for families and the Quality End of Life education and training program to upskill our residential care workforce.

HammondCare is at the heart of palliative care, supporting our patients, residents, clients and their families with understanding, compassion and care. And National Palliative Care Week 2021 is a special time to recognise the hard work our palliative care workers do every day.


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