Pain Management Program

pain management v2The HammondCare Greenwich Hospital Pain Program is designed to help people with chronic non-cancer pain and is run by our physiotherapist, clinical psychologist and pain medicine specialist.

Participants attend six weekly group sessions of three hours each session.

The program is designed to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Improve physical function and activity levels
  • Improve mood
  • Build independence and confidence in managing pain
  • Help re-engage in activities that increase satisfaction and enjoyment of life

What to expect 

The pain program provides information and skills training including:

  • Exploring how pain works and how we can control it
  • Relaxation techniques (muscle relaxation and deep breathing)
  • Stretching and other exercises to increase flexibility
  • Building strength and fitness through graded activity and exercises
  • Meditation techniques that reduce pain and improve the way we think and feel
  • Partnerships (identifying and using resources that build confidence and independence)
  • Life engagement (identifying, planning and engaging in activities that increase enjoyment of life

Follow up sessions after the program are available to help build on the knowledge and the skills learned during the program.

Outcomes of the program

Over 30 group programs have been run over the last five years and data have been collected to measure outcomes. Results show that, on average, the program results in a substantial reduction in pain (32%), increase in physical function (44%), reduction in anxiety (35%), reduction in depression (28%) and reduction in worrying thoughts about pain (32%).

Outcome data is also collected by the University of Wollongong and compared with results from other pain clinics around Australia and New Zealand. The most recent data show that the outcomes obtained during our program are ranked in the top three for both pain reduction and reduction in opioid medications.

Program costs

There are no out of pocket expenses to attend the program apart from purchase of The Pain Book which is used as a manual for the program ($20 for program participants). For those with private health insurance, all costs apart from the book are covered. A limited number of places is also available for those without private health insurance, again at no cost apart from the book.

The Pain Book 

The Pain Book contains the skills learned in the pain program and has been written by members of the Pain Clinic team and is used in the program. The Pain Book can be ordered through HammondCare Media, in bookshops or online booksellers.

Purchase The Pain Book here

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