Core Strength Program

core strength v2What is the core strength program?

The Core Strength Program is an exciting new group program offered by the Greenwich Hospital Pain Management Service. It is built on the growing evidence for the phenomenon of posttraumatic growth - that people can experience positive psychological change when faced with highly challenging life circumstances. During the program, people learn several key strategies that have been shown to enable people to face difficult situations such as living with chronic pain and come through with greater strength and resilience.

The program comprises five weekly sessions of three hours each session and is run by our physiotherapist, Rebecca McCabe, pain specialist, Professor Philip Siddall and either Dr Robin Murray or Dr Skye Dong, clinical psychologists.


There are no out of pocket expenses to attend the program. For those with private health insurance, all costs are covered. A limited number of places are also available for those without private health insurance, again at no cost.

Contact us

Those interested in the program should organise a referral from their GP or specialist to Professor Siddall and contact our administrative officer Janene Meacham on 8788 3958.