Supporting people living with dementia through reablement

Endeavouring to bridge the gap between research and practice, these three publications draw on the research evidence on reablement in dementia to provide practical, and evidence-informed reablement programs.

The technical guide, sector handbook and consumer booklet below are all results of the ‘reablement in dementia’ project, which builds on the Clinical Practice Guidelines and Principles of Care for People with Dementia published by the Cognitive Decline Partnership (CDPC) in 2016.


Technical guide 

The technical guide contains the most detailed outline of the reablement interventions. It is targeted at the health professional planning or implementing a reablement service, and any person wanting to read a fuller account of the research findings, learn more about a specific reablement program, or identify the original research projects and protocols from which the interventions were derived.

sectorhandbookSector handbook 

The sector handbook is written primarily for aged care and service providers, allied health and nursing professionals, managers and care workers. People living with dementia and their carers or support persons may also find the handbook useful. The sector handbook presents the information detailed in the technical guide in a more accessible and summarised manner, focusing on the practical delivery of reablement programs.


Consumer booklet 

This booklet is primarily for the person living with dementia, but is also an overview for family carers, support persons and care workers.



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