3D pain research

HammondCare’s  Pain Clinic at Greenwich Hospital has received funding for an exciting research project to start next year. The research project will look at using virtual reality to see if it can help relieve pain in people with spinal cord injuries.

Virtual reality headsets will be used and people will guide themselves through an interactive 3D scene for 20 minutes. They will then record their pain levels and see if their pain reduced while using the 3D.

Philip Siddall

Pictured: Professor Siddall, Director of Hammondcare Pain Management Service 

Funding has been provided through the Russell Cole Memorial ANZCA Research Award. This Award was established to support a highly ranked pain related research grant, with a preference for the relief of cancer pain, following a donation to the ANZCA Research Foundation from the family of the late Dr Russell Cole. Dr Cole was a distinguished Australian anesthetist who worked in general anesthesia in Melbourne, but had a strong interest in pain management.

Prof Philip Siddall, Director of HammondCare’s Pain Management Service, said this was the second time HammondCare had been awarded the Russell Cole Memorial ANZCA Research Award and he was excited to commence the project early next year.