Pastoral care - providing emotional and spiritual support

HCAH July newsletter pastoral careDid you know that that you can access a complimentary Pastoral Care service while receiving care at home? At HammondCare, we believe in caring for the whole person, and meeting the individual wherever they are on their life journey. We support their emotional and spiritual needs, in addition to their day-to-day carer support.

What is Pastoral Care?

Pastoral Care provides spiritual and emotional support, assisting clients to navigate big life changes, whether it is a loss, a health crisis - pain management, rehabilitation, a recent diagnosis or facing the last days of one’s life. Pastoral Care is available for family and loved ones too, regardless of their own personal and spiritual beliefs.

What is the role of the Pastoral Carer?

A pastoral carer will provide a space where a person can share their private thoughts, fears and regrets as well as any challenges they’ve faced, supporting them to reach a state of forgiveness and a sense of closure.

Pastoral carers also provide support in addressing existential life questions such as: Why is this happening to me? Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What gives me meaning and purpose?

How can I access pastoral care?

You can speak with your Care Manager if you are interested in accessing support from a pastoral carer and they will refer you onto the local pastoral care team. 

Trevor Wight, Senior Manager, Pastoral Care HammondCare At Home, shares:

“Pastoral care is about relationships. Building a relationship with you based on trust gives you a space to talk about your emotional state, which may be feelings of grief or loss. But there are also joyful moments – sharing stories about the arrival of grandchildren, for example, or a recent family wedding.

“It’s a wholistic approach to the person’s wellbeing, while also acknowledging that no two people are the same."

"We embrace their unique cultural and spiritual identity, walking beside them, helping them to navigate new life changes.”