Looking for home care in NSW's Northern Rivers?

Whether it's a helping hand around the house, some assistance getting out and about, or a bit of support during illness and recovery, we are here to help you stay independent and safe in your home, and help you get the most out of life. 

Many people prefer to live at home but need a little help. Our goal is to help you get the support that you need to live independently at home for longer

Our goal is to help you get the support you need, whatever that is. 

Help in and around your home

Assistance with personal care and hygiene

Support ranges from stand-beside showering for that extra reassurance to full assistance, including showering, toileting, shaving, bed transfers, compression stockings, dressing/undressing, and general body care.   

A safe home - maintenance and modifications

Simple installations like grab rails, lever tap sets, and threshold ramps can make a difficult task easier and safer. Or perhaps there is a bit more work involved in making your house more liveable.  

Post-hospital and short-term support

After a stay in hospital you may need some extra support at home while you recover. While in hospital you may be offered a 6-week community care service (often called ComPacks). Before you are discharged from Hospital, ask the hospital to send your ComPacks Service Request through to the team at HammondCare Northern Rivers.

Active social connections

HammondCare Northern Rivers offer a diverse range of weekly and monthly social groups and outings, catering to a variety of group sizes from intimate morning teas to a full coach outing. 

Support for carers 

If you are a carer, taking time out for yourself helps you to avoid fatigue and keep caring. Our Care Workers can come to your home and spend time with your 'significant other', or take them out to somewhere they would like to go.

How to get started

As you may have noticed already, the Australian Aged Care system is complex! But getting started with HammondCare is simple. Let us walk you through the options, in person or over the phone.

Start Immediately with Private Services 

From assistance at home, with shopping, cooking, cleaning or other household tasks, or around the house with maintenance and gardening, or simply a day out meeting up with friends, our team can provide you with the support that you need. Give us a call on 1800 826 166 to get things started.

Start Soon with Australian Government Aged Care Subsidised Services

If you are over the age of 65 and want to access subsidised services, a My Aged Care assessment is required. We can help you through this process - just call us on 1800 826 166 and on of our staff can make an online referral to My Aged Care for you. Otherwise, call My Aged Care direct on  1800 200 422.  

To receive home support through us, just ask the My Aged Care home assessor to forward your referral to HammondCare Northern Rivers

Use your Home Care Package

From July 2018, we will be managing Home Care Packages! Call us on 1800 826 166 to chat with us about how to get the best out of your Home Care Package.If you already have approval for a Home Care Package, simply request your referral be send to HammondCare Northern Rivers, or call us with your Home Care Package referral code. 

To learn more about HammondCare At Home services, please click here.