Keeping Cool this Summer

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With summer in full blast, here's how you can enjoy the heat while staying safe and healthy. 

It’s important to stay cool in hot weather to avoid heat exhaustion. To help you get the most out of summer, we’ve created some guidelines below.

Who is most affected by heat?

Everyone needs to take care in hot weather and while that might seem obvious for some people, the heat is more likely to affect:

  • Older adults who may have underlying health issues
  • People who have acute or chronic conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease or gastroenteritis (diarrhoea and/or vomiting)
  • People who take certain medications, which can make it more difficult to keep cool during hot weather
  • People who live alone or are socially isolated

How you can stay safe?

Keep yourself cool by following these guidelines:

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing. Natural fabrics, such as cotton, can be cooler than synthetics.
  • Stay out of the sun and during the hottest part of the day, stay indoors. Sit in the shade in the garden and parks.
  • Keep your home as cool as possible: Close windows and doors to keep the heat out. Curtains with light-coloured lining can help reflect the heat. Limit use of the oven.
  • Use air conditioning if you have it. Fans can also be effective.
  • Drink plenty of fluids but avoid sugary, alcoholic or hot drinks including tea and coffee which can make dehydration worse. If you go outside, take a bottle of water.

Plan ahead to beat the heat

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast so you know what’s coming
  • Prepare yourself and your home before the heat arrives
  • Know who to call if you need help – have a list of numbers handy
  • Follow your doctor’s advice if you have any medical conditions

And finally, look out for each other. Keep in contact with friends, neighbours and relatives during a heatwave in case you or they need any help.

If you have any concerns at all, please reach out to your care team: we are always here for you.