Support the HammondCare team for Roughtober

Date: 25 October 2019
Location: Darlinghurst
Type: Fundraising

Each year in Roughtober, Rough Edges (a ministry of St John’s Anglican Church, Darlinghurst) holds a Sleep Out to raise awareness of the growing issue of homelessness. It challenges businesses, local communities and individuals to “sleep rough” for one night to raise funds to combat the issue. 

On Friday 25th October, Team HammondCare will spend a night on the streets to raise funds for two vital projects; HammondCare Darlinghurst and the Rough Edges Food Kitchen and Lounge Room. 

Did you know that almost 18,000 older Australians have no safe place to call home?  The elderly homeless and the care of people who are or at risk of homelessness is a primary concern of HammondCare. 

Everyone deserves basic dignity and comfort, especially in their later years. That’s why HammondCare is committed to providing those who are at-risk and elderly with vital access to healthcare and accommodation. ​

We would be thrilled if you would consider supporting us by making a tax deductable donation.

Every donation helps and will go towards making a difference in the lives of some of Sydney's most vulnerable.