Enjoying new freedoms as COVID restrictions ease

We’ve all experienced a great deal of change since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. During lockdowns, simple things like seeing friends or family for lunch, or chatting to someone making a delivery were no longer possible. This led to one of the biggest changes: using technology more often to stay in touch with each other and the latest news. Now that lockdowns have ended across Australia, technology can help in different ways.

New ways to use a mobile phone

To help keep you safe and prevent outbreaks of COVID, we must document our movements using Government apps, such as the Service NSW app, Check-In CBR app (ACT), Service VIC app and Check-In QLD app. Using these apps allows contact tracers to follow up on COVID positive cases, who can then isolate to prevent further spread of infection to protect the community.

So, don't forget to check in and out of places like medical centres and supermarkets. You can do this by either scanning the black and white squares known as QR codes using your mobile phone or tablet device, applying for a card with a unique QR code, or signing in and out manually. If you visit a hairdresser, other retail shops or places of leisure like swimming pools, you may also be asked to show proof that you have been vaccinated – and, again, this can be done using your phone or tablet device.

If you don’t have the right kind of mobile phone or tablet device, you may be able to buy one using Government Funding such as the Home Care Package. Your local Care Team will be able to tell you more about what’s available and help find the most suitable options for your needs.

They can also assist you with setting up and using the functions that will make life easier when you’re out and about.

Other ways we can help

We have been working hard to make sure you always feel safe, comfortable and connected throughout the pandemic. For example, you can be assured that everyone from HammondCare, including contractors, who visit your home have been vaccinated.

If you think you’ve been in close contact with someone who has COVID, or have any symptoms yourself, we will continue to support you during your isolation period. This will mean managing care safely and working in partnership with you, your carers, families and loved ones.

You can also use a range of telephone and online services to supplement face-to-face visits and group activities. We’re always available to continue to deliver a personalised service that best meets your needs. If you require further support during the pandemic period, please feel free to discuss this with your local care team. We’re here to help. And again, your HammondCare Support Team can assist with the details, and other services.

Assistance with arranging your COVID vaccinations

If you haven’t had your COVID vaccinations yet, we can provide any help you need. This could include making an appointment for you and arranging transport to and from your GP, vaccination clinic or pharmacy. We can also provide this support to receive your booster shot when required. Please contact your local care team for more information.

Call us with questions or concerns

As you can see, there are many ways we can help you to stay safe, comfortable and fully informed about changes associated with COVID. If you have any concerns at all, not just those we’ve talked about here, you can talk to a member of the friendly HammondCare Support Team by phoning 1800 826 166.