Hundreds of frail HammondCare clients and our hardworking frontline care teams urgently need your support and prayers due to the impact of unprecedented flooding.

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After the first wave of floods, HammondCare Foundation were able to provide much needed immediate support to HammondCare clients and frontline staff thanks to the generosity of donors.

One of the recipients shared with us a message. “I would like to thank you all very much. This news is making me tread a little lighter. HammondCare has always been a great company to work for.”

However, just as those who had lost everything started to clean up the piles of debris and begin to rebuild their homes and lives, mother nature demonstrated her power once again with intense downpouring of rain hitting these communities for the second time.

Now, we are calling on you to help us provide more crisis support for those in our care and our frontline teams. We are appealing for your help as we respond to the critical needs of a growing number of clients and staff that need more assistance now.

Donate and make an immediate difference

Your donation will go towards supporting HammondCare Foundation in supplying clothing, food, mental health support, pastoral support, medication, transportation vouchers, emergency shelter and other crisis support to those affected by these floods.


The HammondCare Foundation would like to acknowledge and thank the generosity of our corporate partners

Triple Dollar Match Partners

Alpha Lifecare Logo

Alpha Lifecare

“What a vital initiative that we just HAD to be part of. Thank you to HammondCare for driving this and allowing us to contribute to support our community neighbours in the Northern Rivers Region. Thank you all who donated to help make a difference to those affected by the terrible damage caused by the floods.” - Alpha Lifecare

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Floors Plus

Double Dollar Match Partners

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Stephen Edwards Constructions

‘“The recent floods have been devastating. Stephen Edwards Constructions is thankful that HammondCare is providing much needed support to people in the affected areas." - Matthew Edwards, Director Stephen Edwards Constructions

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