It’s time to fight for our frontline workers

For two years, our frontline heroes have led the charge in fighting the pandemic head-on. Despite the challenges, they continue to deliver compassionate care to the people they serve.

Now, due to unprecedented flooding our frontline staff and those in our care are facing another crisis.

We are calling on you to help us provide urgent flood relief, supply emergency PPE gear and mental health support for frontline staff and those in our care in this time of crisis.

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Emergency PPE

$20 buys 10 face shield protectors

$60 buys 200 PPE masks

$160 buys 10 full sets of PPE

Mental health support for staff

$300 could provide 3 vital mental health support sessions

$1,320 could provide essential onsite resilience workshops

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Our frontline heroes keep turning up

Continually selfless, our frontline workers are always putting the needs of others first. That means taking on a lot of stress – mental, physical and emotional. But despite all the challenges COVID has presented, our frontline workers’ spirit has not wavered.

Here are some personal insights of what our frontline workers are facing, highlighting their incredible resilience and the sacrifices they make every day.


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Everyone’s trying to do the right thing. I haven’t seen my family in Queensland for two years, including my three-year-old niece. It’s really hard. Even if you’re a close contact and not positive, you have to take all the precautionary measures.

Tracy, Care Worker, HammondCare At Home

We feel responsible for residents’ safety. People put their loved ones in our care and we must protect them. On the weekend we put ourselves in a self-imposed lockdown; I can’t remember the last time I took a holiday or went out for a special occasion. But that’s our job – it’s our role to care for people.

Purnisha, Care Worker, North Turramurra

You have constant fears and anxieties. To keep clients and staff safe, we have protocols in place, which take time and add more demands to what is already an incredibly hard job. You always carry the fear of contracting COVID and giving it to one of the clients in your care – knowing it is literally life or death.

Katie, Care Worker, HammondCare At Home

Residential carers at Ashton Cottage in Hammondville standing together in the kitchen wearing PPE masks, Kristine, Shelley Jolley, Swanashiel and KimTo support our frontline workers, donate now

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