He just wants to be home

Mr Shebu was an active man and a doting father and grandfather. Then suddenly, everything changed when a devastating stroke stole his mobility, his independence, and the lifestyle he loved.

 “It was so hard for him,” his daughter-in-law, Anjela, told us. “He was upset because he couldn’t walk anymore. He cried a lot because he wasn't able to dress himself or have a shower or go to the bathroom on his own. He was not positive at all.”

The hard road to recovery

Mr Shebu was terrified that he would never recover, but he started on an intensive rehabilitation program. After two weeks, he was able to stand and walk with assistance. Six weeks later, he could dress and feed himself and his speech was back to normal. Today, he still needs ongoing therapy before he can walk on his own again, but has recovered well enough to return home.

The right equipment can bring patients hope

Mr Shebu is very lucky to have his independence back so quickly. Most rehabilitation patients, particularly stroke survivors, do not always achieve the same level of success.

With your help, we can buy the latest robotic rehabilitation equipment to speed up and improve recovery time for our patients. Patients can work on their exercise programs in between therapist visits – dramatically increasing rehabilitation time. The more intense the program, the more successful their recovery is likely to be, which means more independence and a better quality of life once they leave hospital. pdf Click here to find out more (420 KB)  about the amazing equipment we want to buy for our patients.

Mr Shebu can’t wait to be home, surrounded by his family. Please help our patients regain their independence with a gift today. 

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