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HammondCare champions improving the lives of people in need. Remembering HammondCare in your Will helps us continue to live our Mission.

Leaving a Gift in Will

You can choose who you wish to name as a beneficiary of your Will. After taking care of your family and closest friends, you might like to consider a Gift in Will to the HammondCare Foundation.

By leaving a bequest to HammondCare Foundation, your legacy will help us continue to champion improving the provision of quality care for older Australians for many generations.

When a loved one needs the kind of care that alone you can no longer provide, HammondCare is there. As leading health professionals in the provision of dementia care and support, we know how important it is to work with families and individuals to ensure that anyone living with dementia receives the most forward-thinking and very best of care.

If 'living well’ for your loved ones means living outside the family home, we know that enjoying the comfort of a homely environment is still important.  And for older men and women at risk of homelessness, we know that the supporting hand extended by HammondCare makes a world of difference. We also know how important it is that, when the time comes, every individual deserves to experience the end-of-life care they want, and know that their needs will be respected and understood.  

Your gift, no matter how large or small, will leave a lasting legacy by dramatically improving the care and ongoing support for those most in need in our community.

Choosing to leave a Gift in Will to the HammondCare Foundation is heartfelt and personal. For some, it stems from a shared belief in the vision of HammondCare’s Founder, the Rev Bob Hammond and his deep concern for those in need. You may see your Gift in Will as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the care that you or a loved one received through a HammondCare program or service. Or perhaps it is a way of extending beyond your lifetime, an existing commitment to support the service of HammondCare.

Regardless of the reason, your gift is very much appreciated and your wishes very much respected.

How to leave a Gift in Will

Your solicitor can provide guidance and detailed information, but in general, the types of Gift in Will include:

Whole of your Estate: We recommend discussing your decision with any family if choosing to generously bequeath your entire estate to the HammondCare Foundation.

Percentage of your Estate: It is a good idea to specify a proportion for the HammondCare Foundation, rather than an actual amount, as it can be difficult to predict the future worth of your estate or how much you or your dependents will need in the meantime.

Residual of your Estate: After providing for family and friends, and ensuring all debts have been paid, you can bequeath the remainder of your estate to the HammondCare Foundation.

Percentage of your residue: You may choose to give the HammondCare Foundation a portion of the residue, or balance, of your estate after family, loved ones and expenses have been provided for.

Specific Gift in Will: A gift of a specific item of value such as property, shares, jewellery or works of art, may be specifically named in your Will and bequeathed directly to the HammondCare Foundation.

You can print and complete the HammondCare Foundation Gift in Will form to discuss with your solicitor when writing or updating your Will.

HammondCare Foundation Gift in Will Form

Please get in touch

The HammondCare Foundation is here to help with any questions about your philanthropic goals. If you’re considering leaving a Gift in Will, we would love to speak with you. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your unique story, and discuss the areas of our work you would like to support.

Please call Nina Johnson on (02) 8280 8432 in the Foundation Team, or please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..