Leaving a gift in will

You can choose who you wish to name as a beneficiary of your Will. After first looking after your family and closest friends you might like to make a gift in will to a charity like HammondCare.

Why leave a gift in will to HammondCare?

Leaving a gift in your will to HammondCare will make a vital difference in helping us achieve our goals of supporting those in need.  

You might choose to make a gift in will to HammondCare because you share our founder’s concern for those in need. You may see a gift in will as a way of saying ‘thank you’, while others consider it a natural extension of their support of the work of HammondCare during their lifetime.

Your gift in will, no matter how large or small, when pooled with other donations, will make an enormous impact upon our long term ability to help people in need.

How to leave a gift in will

Your solicitor or trustee company can give you more information, but in general there are five major types of gift in will: Specific, General, Residual, Proportional, and Alternative.

For more information, download HammondCare’s brochure (coming soon). 

Get in touch

HammondCare is here to help with any questions you may have.

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