Eva's Story

eva hammondcare darlinghurst first nationsA proud First Nations woman, Eva is from the Stolen Generation. Growing up with a foster family, Eva’s childhood memories reveal the pain, suffering and lifelong heartache from unimaginable cruelty and abuse.

Eva was a young mum, a grandmother at 34 and now she’s lost count of the exact number of great grandkids she calls her own.

Eva was one of the ‘statistics’ – a homeless elderly woman in the inner city. Thankfully, at her last hospital admittance, a social worker advocated for her to move into HammondCare Darlinghurst. She says she’s now being looked after and receives the greatest of care. “Today I feel much more comfortable. I know I can just ask if I want something and the girls get it done. They’re all lovely and very caring.”

Chantel Evans, Residential Manager at Darlinghurst, acknowledges the significant advances that Eva has made since coming to HammondCare. “When Eva joined us, she had experienced behaviours that impacted her care and had been prescribed antipsychotic medications. Today, living in a safe, comfortable and loving environment, Eva has developed trusting relationships and knows we have her interests at heart.

"It has been a privilege to connect with Eva, to understand what is important to her and to help her achieve her goals – most notably her successful withdrawal from antipsychotic medications."

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