'There's nothing better than helping others' - school reaches out to residents

Hammondville Public School has presented dozens of paintings, letters and greetings from students to the residents of nearby HammondCare Hammondville as a show of support during Covid-19 restrictions.

In a message to the school community, Assistant Principal Lauren Jenkins said, "At the moment, we are all experiencing a hard time with social distancing and not being able to see all our friends and family. At our local nursing home, Hammondcare, they are experiencing the same... There is nothing better than helping others in the community at times like this.


"You might want to include things in your letters like, your favourite things you do, maybe you might want to write about your family, pets or friends. You might prefer to ask them some questions or write a story. You might just want to draw an amazing picture."

Even though school life was disrupted during this time, parents and students got right behind the effort and many wonderfully creative gifts were prepared. Staff also got involved with one teacher making about 40 paper flowers.

Hmv school cards 01 580 Hmv school cards 02 580x452

Due to government restrictions at the time, children were not allowed to visit the aged care home, and so Hammondville Volunteer Leader, Pam Schofield, organised to receive the materials and, along with other volunteers, present them to appreciative residents.

Although HammondCare has continued to allow carefully screened visits to its residential care homes throughout the pandemic, within government guidelines, it has still be harder for residents to stay socially connected with friends and family.

Alongside the provision of tablets for video calls to all care homes by the HammondCare Foundation, responses as seen from Hammondville Public School go a long way to supporting and encouraging residents.

And it's not a new occurrence. Long-term HammondCare staff member, Gai Valvis, on hearing of the school's effort, recalled a similar gesture when she was a student at the school.

"I remember walking down Walder Rd with baskets of handmade gifts cards for the beautiful folk at HammondCare when I was a student at Hammondville Public School in the 60's, and singing to them as part of the school choir."

Hmv school cards 03 452 Hmv school cards 04 452

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CAPTIONS (top to bottom): 1. Resident Laura Rees with Volunteers Leader Pam Schofield. 2. Resident Gloria Phillips with Pam. 3. Resident Ellen Clune enjoying the paintings from Hammondville Public School. 4. Resident Francois Larue.

Please note: As government guidelines for visits to residential care are changing regularly, please visit our Covid-19 information page for the latest information.