HammondCare support for tough restrictions on public access to residential aged care homes

HammondCare General Manager Residential Care Angela Raguz, gave her full support for new guidelines on visits to residential aged care services, in response to the coronavirus pandemic in a live television interview broadcast nationally on Nine News.

"We need to make sure that when families do come and visit they have the opportunity to spend the best quality time in the short period that they have with their loved ones. This should still give older people a sense of being connected to their families," Ms Raguz told Nine News presenter Peter Overton.

In the interview broadcast on Wednesday, 18 March, Ms Raguz said many aged care providers, including HammondCare, had already put in place measures on public visits, to minimise risk of transmission to residents.

Ms Raguz said visit guidelines were also vital to ensure the wellbeing of aged care staff, who are at the frontline of providing care to vulnerable people.

“Protecting our workforce is just as important…the job is difficult. It’s probably going to get more difficult before it gets easier,” Ms Raguz said.

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