Second resident tests negative for Covid-19 after initial positive in Caulfield Village

HammondCare confirms that a second resident of Caulfield Village has had a negative Covid-19 test result after an initial positive - our focus remains on the care and wellbeing of all residents.

Caulfield Village 38 580Last week another resident, an 84-year-old woman from a separate cottage, also initially tested positive to Covid-19 but subsequently tested negative twice and is otherwise well.

HammondCare has continued its outbreak plans and procedures that it introduced from the time of the first test last week. More than 200 other residents and staff have been tested, all with negative results.

Today HammondCare’s Senior Nurse and General Manager of Residential Care, Angela Raguz, has written to residents and families to advise that two weeks in a row, a weak positive result has been followed with subsequent tests being negative.

“We share your concerns and understand if you have found this experience confusing and frustrating. We certainly acknowledge that this circumstance is odd and unusual,” Ms Raguz wrote.

“The impact this has had on residents, family and friends, and staff is significant and is being taken seriously by HammondCare. Discussions continue with the Department of Health and Human Services so we can better understand why these conflicting results have occurred.

“We understand that a weak positive result is still a positive result, and this is why we enacted our Organisation Outbreak plan and followed the directions of the Public Health Unit.

“Whilst we have now received follow up negative results for the two affected residents, we still must maintain that Caulfield Village is closed to visitors as per the direction of the Public Health Unit under their framework of an outbreak in a residential aged care home.”

In a separate statement, Ms Raguz has said that HammondCare’s key priorities continue to be to care safely for the affected resident, stop the spread of possible infection in the home, ensure all other residents in the cottage are appropriately isolated and also well cared for, and to provide clear and regular communication to families.