Relief as resident tests negative twice after initial positive Covid-19 test in Caulfield

HammondCare is greatly relieved that an 84-year-old resident at Caulfield who had an initial positive Covid-19 test result, has now tested negative twice.

HammondCare is greatly relieved that an 84-year-old resident at Caulfield who had an initial positive Covid-19 test result, has now tested negative twice.

The second negative result was returned this morning (Thursday) after a positive test on Monday and negative test on Tuesday. More than 200 other residents and staff have been tested and all results to date are negative.

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HammondCare Chief Executive, Dr Stephen Judd, who has been based in Caulfield, said the first test occurred “out of an abundance of caution” because the resident had a cough, but no other symptoms. She remains well.

“As soon as a decision was made to test the resident, we implemented our outbreak plan for the 12-person cottage and when it came back positive, we locked down the whole site, isolated the cottage and staff and implemented our full pandemic plan,” Dr Judd said.

“Our key priorities were then to care safely for the affected resident, stop the spread of possible infection in the home, ensure the other 11 residents in the cottage were appropriately isolated and also well cared for, and to provide clear and regular communication to families.

“I want to commend our staff, some of whom elected to live in the cottage as testing and tracing continued, for the way they have calmly implemented our comprehensive plan and ensured there was as little disruption as possible for residents, many of whom live with dementia.”

The affected cottage will remain in lockdown for 14 days to June 1 to ensure all possible precautions have been taken and in accordance with Public Health Unit requirements. It is hoped restrictions can be lifted in some parts of the Caulfield Village sooner, and The Glens, a separate residential service on the site, is expected to return to normal operations from Saturday, with carefully screened visits and admissions possible.

“We were devastated when we thought a resident may have been impacted in this way and along with her family and our staff, we are all greatly relieved that Covid-19 is not present in Caulfield Village.

“We thank residents, their families and our staff for the calm, positive and cooperative way they have approached this challenging situation. Thanks also to Federal and State Health Departments for their support, and Alfred Health and Sonic Health for pathology services.

“We look forward to being able to normalise services at Caulfield Village which will include again allowing carefully screened family visitation, within government guidelines.”

Since early March, HammondCare has had a comprehensive Covid-19 pandemic plan in operation across all its service, including rigorous screening of anyone entering the service, heightened hygiene and cleaning, increased training of staff and close monitoring of residents for symptoms of concern.

“Our screening and monitoring systems seek to balance the risk of infection and the risk of extended isolation of residents,” Dr Judd said.

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