HammondCare continues to provide high quality care across its services

HammondCare continues to provide high quality residential care in all its care homes across NSW and Victoria and has deployed comprehensive corporate and local pandemic plans to protect the health and safety of residents and staff.

Responding to media reports, General Manager of Residential Care, Angela Raguz, said there had been an immediate and robust response to compliance notices received in March and April, 2020, from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC).

Ms Raguz said HammondCare's response was to implement comprehensive action plans in each of the affected services which included:

  • completing a wide-ranging education program for all staff
  • intentional reconnection with residents and their family and friends to improve consultation
  • ongoing monitoring and responsiveness to clinical care needs
  • updates weekly to the regulatory body who has been satisfied with the progression and outcomes.

‘HammondCare has a strong track record on clinical care and is committed to ensure not only a positive quality of life for residents, but a high quality of clinical care,’ Ms Raguz said.

‘None of the matters highlighted by the ACQSC related to infection control or were related to COVID-19 transmission. Our pandemic plan, including our concierge screening for visitors, is in full operation and we work closely with Public Health Units and state and federal governments.

‘Some of the compliance issues raised by the ACQSC related to the introduction of new quality standards in July 2019 and changes in the assessment process and documentation requirement.

‘They were not a reflection of the quality of care delivered and many providers have found it challenging to adjust to the new assessment environment. ‘Other issues raised were overturned when HammondCare provided additional information and evidence of our care provision.’

Ms Raguz said the comprehensive action plan for HammondCare Miranda to improve areas identified by the regulatory body had been completed and the home was now meeting the Aged Care Standards with a 3-star rating of compliance. She said many of the areas identified at the North Turramurra homes had also been met and work continued on a small number of outstanding issues.

‘The partnership with residents and families in the past few months has been pivotal in the success of addressing the identified issues,’ Ms Raguz said.

‘I am personally thankful for the involvement of everyone at Miranda and North Turramurra and I want to express my sincere commitment to ensuring that these improvements are sustained to ensure we are providing the quality of care and service that those in our care deserve.’

HammondCare has comprehensive Covid-19 corporate and local pandemic plans in operation across all our residential aged care and other services.

There have been no cases in HammondCare services in NSW, and two cases at HammondCare Caulfield, Victoria, in May, resulted in no deaths, no subsequent cases and none currently.

HammondCare’s Chief Executive Dr Stephen Judd along with Angela Raguz were invited to give expert testimony to the Aged Care Royal Commission today on Covid-19 preparedness (August 11).

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