COVID-19 vaccination of all aged care staff ahead of September 17 deadline

COVID 19 vaccination all aged care staff doctor woman clinic vaccineHammondCare recognises vaccination is the greatest protection against COVID-19 and is taking urgent action to ensure all its frontline aged care staff are vaccinated to keep the vulnerable people in our care safe.

The Federal Government has mandated all residential aged care staff are required to have at least Dose 1 of the vaccination by 17 September 2021 and HammondCare has measures in place to help staff to meet this deadline.

On August 22, the Government released public data on COVID-19 vaccination rates in residential aged care homes, including HammondCare homes in NSW and Victoria, that is based on information that is not up to date.

Chief Operating & Risk Officer Angela Raguz says, while HammondCare has not yet achieved 100% vaccination rates for all staff, we have taken proactive steps including onsite vaccination clinics to progress forward on this as a priority.

“There have been a number of barriers including vaccination supply and ability to find the appropriately skilled people to provide the vaccinations considering this requires specific training, which is hard to come by."

Aged care providers are relying on staff to voluntarily report their vaccination status, and HammondCare is submitting this to the Government as information comes through.

Ms Raguz says the Government data released this week does not reflect today’s status for vaccination rates across our homes. “The vaccination rates for HammondCare staff are much higher than the published data, and we are hopeful that this will be reflected in the next Government update."

HammondCare has invested significant resources to schedule onsite vaccination clinics for residential aged care staff by arranging a third-party contractor to administer the vaccinations for all staff.

The schedule ensures that all HammondCare residential aged care staff have access to Dose 1 of the COVID-19 vaccination by the 17 September 2021 deadline.

“We want to assure everyone that HammondCare is invested in seeing the workforce vaccinated and have worked hard to push through multiple barriers in order to achieve 100% vaccination status as quickly as possible,” Ms Raguz says.