Angela Raguz radio interview on ABC Life Matters


HammondCare General Manager Residential Care Angela Raguz outlined the new visitor concierge service now in place to carefully control visits at every HammondCare residential care home during an interview on the ABC Life Matters program on Wednesday morning.

Ms Raguz said the policy permitting restricted visits – despite some other aged care providers moving to full lockdown – struck a “sensible balance” between the risks of Covid-19 infection and the health and well-being consequences that would come from residents losing contact with their loved ones.

“We’ve employed and redeployed some of our enabling portfolio services and brought in additional staff to run a concierge service so at the front of every home we have a comprehensive screening process,” she told host Hillary Harper.

“We are at the same time training people [visitors] in infection control practices. We are making sure we are screening for any signs and symptoms.”

“We are making sure people wash their hands both before they go into any of our services and then again when they leave the room of the residents before they depart the service.

“We put in place social distancing principles so that people cannot visit in the common areas and do so in large numbers.”

Ms Raguz said that HammondCare’s cottage-style accommodation model, involving small houses with between 8 and 15 residents, gave the organisation an advantage in managing visitor numbers and infection risk, when compared to the situation faced by some other providers.

“If you imagine you have a large service with over 100 people living in one building it may be that it’s a lot more difficult to monitor whether or not the visitors are gathering in someone’s room, whether people are adhering to social distancing principles,” she said.



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