600 care boxes distributed to vulnerable clients


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Nearly 600 ‘care boxes’ overflowing with groceries and household items have been delivered for free by HammondCare At Home to vulnerable older clients, many who have struggled with isolation and a shortage of supplies during COVID-19.

The $60,000 charitable project is a spontaneous response from staff across the organisation as well as every HammondCare At Home office and has seen nearly 10 tonnes of groceries delivered with a smile to people’s homes.

The HammondCare Foundation is seeking to fully fund the care boxes through the generous support of donors, while packing and delivery of care boxes is being undertaken by HammondCare At Home staff, and volunteers from other parts of the organisation.

Ravi Sharma is the Head of Finance, HammondCare At Home, from

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HammondCare’s head office who volunteered to take on a coordinating role, and was on hand the first day care boxes were delivered to clients in South West Sydney.

“HammondCare provides outstanding care for people in need through its services every day, but just as COVID-19 has been an extraordinary event, so too is the response we want to make as employees,” Ravi said.

“It has been a huge logistical effort from many people, including

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HammondCare At Home staff across three states, so it is an incredible pleasure to see the response first-hand.”

Ravi and colleague, accountant Arpik Patil, delivered a number of care boxes to HammondCare At Home clients and were overwhelmed with how well they were received.

“The first client we visited had been very unwell, but was so delighted to receive the care box that she became teary, telling us how difficult life had been recently, before cheering up and saying, ‘but I feel better
now!’care box 04 500

"All the clients we spoke to were so complimentary about the care they received from HammondCare At Home and especially mentioned the assurance they felt during the height of Covid-19."

HammondCare At Home Operations Manager, Natalie Molloy, said that it was important to remember that while restrictions might be easing for many, this was not the case for older people, especially the many who are unwell.

care box 06 500 “Older people are still being advised to stay at home as much as possible and even a simple trip to the supermarket can be cause for anxiety for many of our clients and their families,” Natalie said.

“The care box will relieve some of that pressure by ensuring they have many of the essentials they need. But it’s also the thought behind it that means so much, that someone is acknowledging and responding to their situation.”

care box 02 500 Support is urgently need for the care box distribution as it begins to roll out – please give generously.

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CAPTIONS (top to bottom): 1. Relief Service Support Officer Nicole Korn with a care box ready to go. 2. Community Care Worker (inner West) Abdoulah Alameddin heading out to deliver a care box. 3 Ravi Sharma with HammondCare At Home client Elaine. 4. Ravi and Arpik Patil with client Chris. 5. Relief Service Support Officer Stephanie Ward with other care staff, packing care boxes. 6. Care boxes ready to go thanks to the support of donors.