Caregiver Darryl shares his motivation

HCAH July newsletter darryl2

We asked team member Darryl a few questions about why he loves his job:

What motivated you to work for HammondCare At Home?

“Having worked in customer service for many years prior to joining HammondCare At Home, I was attracted to the concept of doing things together with clients, working alongside them.”

Are there any experiences with clients that stand out for you?

“Recently I taught a 90-year-old client how to cook simple, nutritious meals in a slow cooker when his wife passed away suddenly. We created a shopping list and I showed him how to rotate food in the fridge. These newly learned skills really empowered him.”

“I enjoy a good banter with one of my clients! I love hearing about his hobbies and his passions. We share an interest in films and TV shows. He updates me on his latest project when I visit, such as his recent archiving of his photo collection.”

What do you think clients enjoy most about your visits?

“When I visit clients, I actively listen to them and express a genuine interest in them as individuals. I ask questions, showing respect for their unique personal story. “

Can you share an example of the challenges you’ve faced in your role?

“I’ve seen signs of the strain of COVID-19 on my clients when I visit them. I encourage clients to turn off the telly and make a cuppa, to get them away from all the negative news. It’s also an opportunity for me to check their mobility, see if anything has changed that I may need to report to my Care Manager.”

Is there anything else you would like to share?

“The training HammondCare provide is phenomenal. Even during lockdown, the support and communication were nothing short of exceptional. My job is also a great opportunity to really help someone in need. I feel valued.

"It’s a privilege to be invited into a client’s home, to receive trust and respect from them. It’s a two-way street.”