Hammond College

Education opportunities for HammondCare staff

At HammondCare our passion is improving quality of life for people in need.  A key component of how we put this mission into action is by ensuring we are learning and developing.  The focus of Hammond College is to support the organisation by delivering training and development for our staff. We believe that best practice care starts with the best education. 

Hammond College

Hammond College is HammondCare’s dedicated learning and development team. The College team is comprised of experts from multidiscipline fields and experts from backgrounds including health, social work, nursing and aged care. At HammondCare we will help you develop skills to lead a successful and rewarding career with us. The College provides learning and development that is relevant, research based, and meets national regulatory standards and requirements. 

College Courses

Hammond College runs role specific and general courses. All new HammondCare staff attend Orientation which supports them to engage and work in a manner consistent with the HammondCare Mission, Motivation and Mission in Action.  It also provides frontline care workers with training which focuses on the skills they need to provide safe, effective care consistent with HammondCare’s Mission in Action. Staff have the opportunity to attend annual development days to ensure their skills remain contemporary and that they are aware of any practice changes affecting their work.  

At HammondCare we support staff to grow their skills, progress in their careers and succeed in new roles.  There are opportunities to develop advanced skills in frontline care, dementia care and palliative care as well as leadership and management capabilities. Staff have the opportunity to attend both internally and externally run courses, including courses run by the Australian Institute of Management. Staff may also undertake training delivered by HammondCare’s RTO, which can lead to completion of a Nationally Recognised qualifications (Cert III in Individual Support and Cert IV in Ageing Support) and/or units of competency.  

Expanding Skills and Career Development

At HammondCare we support staff to have successful and rewarding careers. We encourage you to take control of your career and your personal and professional development. HammondCare wants you to be engaged by the work you do and motivated by opportunities available to you. It is important to us that HammondCare staff are: working for an organisation that they passionately identify with and feel aligned to, have a strong sense of achievement, and build a career that represents who they want to be. Staff are supported to attend courses that assist in expertise building for lateral and/or promotional career progression. 

HammondCare encourages staff to have an open dialogue with their manager about their learning needs and employees have a dedicated opportunity to discuss their learning and development objectives during the annual development meeting process. Given the expanding nature of aged care, career opportunities at HammondCare are as diverse as they are constantly evolving.  

To enquire about Hammond College services, please contact us.