Life is beautiful
... and fragile.

Life is beautiful, complex and precious. It is also fragile.

By serving and working as an independent Christian charity, we can set the global standard of relationship-based care.

Our services are many, but they are all driven by one single mission – to improve quality of life for people in need. At HammondCare, we champion life.

Because every person matters.

The HammondCare Story

Our founder Bob Hammond believed every person mattered. Now we strive to champion this every day through our relationship-based care. We’ve featured just some of the heart-warming stories that show the courage and dignity of the people we serve, along with the passion and commitment of our teams.

Towards Next Chapter

John Kightley - Chair John Kightley - Chair

Chair report

2021 has been another challenging year, especially for residents, clients, patients and staff who have been most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Through the grace of God, HammondCare has more than met these challenges, and on behalf of the Board, we salute all our staff and volunteers.”

Chief Executive Officer report

Mike Baird’s first year as CEO has been characterised by response to the Royal Commission, the challenge of the pandemic and a determination to be future-focused.

“This is a challenging season with a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. But it is also a generational opportunity for change. I feel privileged to be part of HammondCare’s response.”

Mike Baird - CEO Mike Baird - CEO

A remarkable year

Cared for
Dedicated staff
Service locations
Social dividend

Next Chapter –
a strategy to extend care

Relationship-based approach to care

We aim to set the global standard of relationship-based care for people with complex needs, including dementia. We’re also embedding our palliative care expertise across all services. And our Home Care and Dementia Centre services will continue reaching into remote areas.

Best people,
highly valued

Our frontline workers are the heart and soul of HammondCare, and we want them to know just how highly valued they are. Initiatives include improved career pathways, an enhanced Rewards and Recognition program and a state-of-the-art intranet hub for people management tools.

Building a campus for the ageing population

We are transforming the Greenwich Hospital into a mix of inpatients, day clinics and accommodation for flexible levels of care. It will include palliative care, rehabilitation, mental health, dementia care, restorative care, supported seniors living, and short-term respite.

Our Stories

Residential Care

Helping find the real Mercy for her family

Mercy is a warm, friendly and generous person who enjoyed volunteering to cheer up children going through chemotherapy. But as dementia progressed, daughter Debbie and family saw their mum changing, with behaviour that was very much out of character. As she entered care, Assistant Manager Lynn was determined to support Mercy.

Residential Care

With homes across NSW and Victoria, our approach is to offer a sense of belonging and feeling at home, with a particular commitment to dementia-specific care.

people cared for
care homes
dedicated staff

Home Care

Travelling 57km to support John? Yes. We will go

When John was diagnosed with chronic lung disease, his family started looking for support at home. After constantly being told he was too remote to visit, by the time they contacted HammondCare, they’d almost given up hope. So when the family asked Care Manager Nicole if her team would go 57 kilometres each way, they were elated when she answered “Yes. We will go.”

HammondCare At Home

We offer home care in NSW, ACT,
Victoria and Queensland. Our services
let older people, including those living with dementia, continue life in their
own homes.

people cared for
home care visits
dedicated staff

Palliative Care

Honouring the sacred process of moving out of life

Rebecca, 62, lived with cancer for seven years before dying peacefully at home surrounded by family members and a host of flickering candles. Her sister, Shoshana describes this as “an atmosphere that honoured the sacred process of moving out of life.” Clinical Nurse Specialist Rachael and her team supported Rebecca and her family in her wish to die at home.

HammondCare Health

Our health services provide palliative
and supportive care, rehabilitation,
mental health care for older people,
pain management and other vital
support services.

people admitted and cared for
people supported by the pain clinic
non-inpatient care episodes
total bed days

Dementia Care

Specialist dementia care for those most in need

Anne was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in 2019 and began to experience changes in behaviour that frightened her family. After some difficult experiences, Anne was referred to our Cardiff Specialist Dementia Care Program, where Residential Manager Leeanne provided expert support in understanding behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia.

The Dementia Centre

The Dementia Centre was founded by HammondCare in 1995 as an impartial resource and provider of research and expertise to the aged and dementia care community across the globe.

cared for by DC
services and activities
offices across Australia
dedicated DC staff

Pastoral Care

Jack and Livia - holding hands for 77 years

Jack, 90, and Livia, 89, met as teenagers at their local church. They raised four children and eventually moved to an independent living unit at HammondCare Miranda. Livia needed specialised care so transferred to Golden Grove cottage, with Jack visiting every day. As Livia approached her final days, Pastoral Care Coordinators Gail and Susie supported the family.

Quality, Safety and Risk

Providing choice and quality of life in the pandemic

HammondCare’s robust approach to Quality, Safety and Risk has never been more important than during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been an ever-present challenge for the delivery of care in the past 12 months.

Financials 2020-2021

Total revenue grew 16% to

Residential Care
HammondCare At Home

HammondCare Foundation

Thanks to our generous donors,
the HammondCare Foundation raised

$7219826 $0
Supporting the Foundation helps expand care programs, undertake research and grow services for those in need.

We’d love your support.
Donate now

Every donation counts

Enhancing quality care when and where it’s needed

Continuing the founding vision of Reverend Bob Hammond, the HammondCare Foundation plays a critical role in helping HammondCare, as it seeks to set the global standard in relationship-based care that will deliver positive and powerful change, and care for those that others can’t or won’t.

Social Dividend


continuing our charitable legacy

Residential care
44% of residents are financially disadvantaged
Residential care
$2.5m contributed by HammondCare to support financially disadvantaged residents
Residential care
$12.5m savings to the health and aged system from
cottage-style model of care
Home care
$8.1m in additional hours, extra case management and discounts on fees
$2.8m in additional hospital services to patients without charge
in providing complex care for the elderly homeless
$0.9m towards vital ongoing dementia, health and aged care research
Pastoral Care
$2.7m in pastoral care provided to clients and staff
$0.8m investment in volunteer services despite COVID-19

Turning financial strength into irreplaceable care

The moving stories of relationship-based care in this report highlight that each person matters. As we measure our progress, we begin with lives impacted, founded on financial strength that allows us to go the extra mile.

As we direct significant financial contribution to care and services that otherwise wouldn't take place, we describe this as our social dividend.

Our Research

Driving knowledge in sustainable service delivery

HammondCare is at the forefront of complex dementia and palliative care, underpinned by a program of research that provides an evidence base for best practice care within our organisation, and more broadly for the sector.


Research is embedded across our services and helps us deliver continuous improvement, evidence-based care and data-driven approaches that improve quality of life for people in need.

research projects
education and awards
new and continuing grants

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