HammondCare's Commitment to Sustainability

Caring for those in need is ingrained in everything we do, every day. We also strongly care about the impact we have on the environment. We have identified sustainability targets to 2023, with a strong commitment to building sustainability awareness into everything we do.

We will manage resources wisely and sustainably

At HammondCare, we are motivated by our Mission in Action, to serve and show Christ’s love by being wise with our resources.

As an organisation with a particular focus on supporting people in need, there is added significance in promoting environmental sustainability.

'Sustainability' is not a new idea at HammondCare, we already have a large investment in optimising energy consumption, energy-efficient design and smart technology.

However, over the next five years, we are being explicit with what sustainability means to us and what actions we are taking. It is with those goals that we are pleased to introduce HammondCare’s first Sustainability Strategy.

We have an opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint, remain innovative, maximise our resources and for us all to become champions of sustainability.

For more details on our targets and focus areas please download our 2018-2023 Sustainability Strategy.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship

Our commitment to environmental stewardship

As a Christian organisation, HammondCare is committed to environmental stewardship because God loves His creation and His creation is good (Genesis 1).

We have been made in the image of God and He calls us to be stewards (Genesis 1:26 - 30), responsibly caring for His creation with wisdom and faithfulness. Mankind were put in God’s creation to “work it and take care of it” (Genesis 2:15).

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Our key sustainability focus areas

Our key sustainability focus areas

We care deeply about our sustainability and environmental stewardship. We want to encourage positive practices to help us build a business that in every sense, contributes towards a better future.

To successfully advance our long-term sustainability strategy across our four operational portfolios, we are evolving our previous focus areas, each with a set targets.

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We have set sustainability targets to 2023, and over the coming five years we will report our progress against each focus area on a regular basis:

  • Increase renewable energy to 20% of total energy used
  • Reduce water consumption per m2 by 10%
  • Increase the diversion of waste from landfill by 20%
  • Develop and implement a sustainable work related travel policy
  • Contribute to enhanced ecological value across all existing facilities and new developments
  • Develop and implement customised sustainable design guidelines
  • Report and track progress against our targets year on year
  • Deliver training on each key focus area to all business units
  • Allocate clear responsibilities and ownership of sustainability throughout HammondCare roles
  • Invest in three innovative programs or projects

For more information on HammondCare's position on environmental sustainability, please contact us below:

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