Flo and Allan – Refer a Friend Scheme

Flo and Allan live in Newcastle, NSW, where they have raised two daughters, who are now living close by. The couple receives regular help in their home from HammondCare At Home.

Flo & Allan talk about HammondCare's refer a friend scheme

“We feel very comfortable with the team from HammondCare coming into our home," says Flo. "It’s daunting when you realise you need support and then inviting someone new into your home. My house has always been my pride and joy. To accept assistance in the first place was a bit overwhelming.”

Flo has been so satisfied with the home care service that she recently introduced her sister Elsie to HammondCare At Home through the Refer a Friend Scheme.

“Elsie and her husband Paul visited us on one of our rostered days for home care support. They met Paula, our regular carer, and they observed how efficient she was at work while at the same time being so pleasant and sociable with us.

“It was after that visit that things moved very quickly. Elsie had been unhappy with the care she was already receiving at home. Living with arthritis, Elsie is constantly in a lot of pain and needs comfort and company as well as practical help. We knew she would benefit from the individual care and attentiveness that the team at HammondCare bring into people’s lives.”

Flo learned of the Refer a Friend Scheme through one of their regular carers. Even though she was already committed to sharing her positive experience of HammondCare with Elsie, it was a bonus when she also found that she would receive 10 free care hours once Elsie signed up.

“Elsie is so happy she became a HammondCare At Home client and wishes now that she had made the change earlier!" says Flo. "She can’t believe how personalised the service is. Even when everything has been done and the shift is nearly over, the carer will say: 'I’ve still got 10 minutes, what else would you like me to do?' Next thing, they are wiping down the kitchen cupboards!

“I don’t ask them to do anything extra when they are at my place either, but they will see something, like a basket of wet washing. Before I know it, the clothes are pegged out on the line. And when I thank them, they always say, ‘It’s a real pleasure. We love what we’re doing'."

“Put simply: the HammondCare team really care," adds Allan. "They look after us as individuals, as people, not just clients. And they treat us and our home with the utmost respect. The whole person is looked after. They talk to us, ask about the grandkids, see how we are feeling; they look out for our mental state as well, always checking in.

“That’s why we tell everyone we know: try HammondCare!”

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