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6 June 2013

The Senate report into 'Care and management of younger and older Australians living with dementia and behavioural and psychiatric symptoms of dementia (BPSD)' draws heavily on submissions from HammondCare, alongside other aged care and dementia organisations.

23 May 2013

A newspaper has today seriously misrepresented HammondCare and its service provision and has been asked to print a retraction and engage in becoming more familiar with HammondCare.

20 May 2013

HammondCare has contributed to the national release of a set of new resources that will help palliative care health professionals deliver evidence-based care for people with advanced dementia.

18 March 2013

Director of Palliative Care at Braeside Hospital, Associate Professor Meera Agar, has won a prestigious international award for her research of delirium.

21 February 2013

HammondCare is a key partner in a palliative care research collaborative which has received new funding worth nearly $300,000 from the Cancer Institute NSW.

12 December 2012

HammondCare Chief Executive Dr Stephen Judd  joined a range of other leading dementia experts in an hour-long live forum on the influential The Nation program with David Speers, Sky News.