HammondCare volunteers praised for their exceptional work

With today marking the first day of National Volunteers Week 2017, HammondCare’s Head of Volunteer Services, Barry Costello, praised the work of the volunteers who regularly went above and beyond expectations in their care for aged care residents or people with dementia.

National Volunteers Week runs from the 8th to the 14th of May and has been set aside by Volunteering Australia as a week where all of Australia stops to recognize the contributions made by our country's volunteers.

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“Drawn from all walks of life they are the embodiment of this year’s National Volunteer Week’s mantra- Give Happy, Live Happy", said Barry

“From providing pet therapy, taking people swimming, playing music, helping with shopping or gardening, to being a companion and friend, our volunteers are an extraordinary, generous group of people".

HammondCare has over 800 volunteers spread between Orange- in central west NSW, all the way down to Caulfield- on the south coast of Victoria. Accumulatively, they bring almost 7000 hours a month of cheer, goodwill and happiness to residents and clients of HammondCare.

“This year we will be celebrating and acknowledging their wonderful work by hosting special events in every location where we have volunteers.”

Volunteering has been an integral part of HammondCare’s character since its inception as a charitable organisation providing affordable homes for struggling families during the Great Depression.

Now regarded as one of Australia’s most respected health and aged-care providers, HammondCare runs aged-care, dementia, pain and palliative care services across Australia.

Mr Costello attributed the success of HammondCare’s volunteering program to the rewarding nature of the work and the training and support given to volunteers.

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