Tips for ageing well in 2019

Ageing is inevitable, we can’t stop it or slow it down but we can aim to do it well.

Complementing the launch today of the Federal Government’s Life Check resource, HammondCare’s Centre for Positive Ageing has released it’s top 5 tips (we have plenty more!) that will help you make the most of your ageing experience:

1. Keep physically active – this is important for maintaining strength, health and mobility and the good news is that, regular exercise also has positive effects on the brain!

2. Keep socially active – do something that interests you and gets you enjoying others’ company - an art class, a knitting group or a walking group, perhaps? These activities helps to prevent loneliness and isolation which are more prevalent in older people.

3. Eat well – eating well is just as important as exercising, it will keep your immune system strong, keep your energy levels up and help you maintain your ideal weight, which is also important to good health.

4. Get enough sleep – sleep is very important to ageing well, both for your body and for your brain.

5. Ask for help – don’t be afraid to ask for help, big or small, people are always willing to lend a hand if it can make your life a little better.

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Pictured: Ron Hallett during an Arts on Prescription session.

Professor Chris Poulos, a rehabilitation physician and Head of Research for HammondCare, stressed the importance of education to foster positive ageing.

 “Australia has an ageing population, which is great news – people are living longer! The challenge now is to make the best of our ageing experience, despite our circumstances,” Prof Poulos said. 

“Enabling older people to age well is very important, not only for their wellbeing but it can help put less stress on our hospitals and encourages people to live more fulfilled lives, with greater independence.

HammondCare’s Centre for Positive Ageing runs a number of programs that promote health, wellbeing and independence in later life. One of these is Arts on Prescription. “Our Arts on Prescription program, where older people engage in participatory art in small groups led by professional artists, ticks a lot of boxes for promoting health and wellbeing.”

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