Calling Australia to keep our frontline front of mind

A call for a Day of Appreciation on July 30 for frontline aged care and health workers from CEO Mike Baird has been published by national media and we’d love you to participate!

A call for a Day of Appreciation on July 30 for frontline aged care and health workers from CEO Mike Baird has been published by national media and we’d love you to participate!

Below are a range of resources to help you celebrate the Day of Appreciation wherever you are and on social media.

Resources include:

  • Posters that encourage participation in Day of Appreciation
  • Social media tiles and banners for sharing with your friends
  • A colouring-in version for the kids!

 We’d love you to step outside (in a COVID-safe manner) on July 30 at midday and applaud for a minute, and also encourage you to begin now in sharing any of these resource on your social media and in your workplace.

For those working at home: put a poster up in your window, get the kids colouring in, stand at your front gate or balcony and applaud, create displays of soft toys with masks – get creative with your ideas!!

Resources for you to share


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Why hold a Day of Appreciation - Mike Baird

If you are like me, then the news over the past few weeks and months has taken its toll. We are all rightly worried about vaccinations, the recent outbreaks in NSW and other states, those we love and the impact this is having on our most vulnerable. 

It is often during periods of challenge like this that people we have seen every day start to take on new significance. For me there is now something that stirs inside me when I see our health workers heading to work or our aged care workers heading to care.

Gratitude. Deep gratitude.

Almost without hesitation, they head off each day despite the challenges – going to serve and help others.

These workers themselves are often mothers, fathers and grandparents who live daily with the knowledge that every personal decision could mean life or death in their workplace for much-loved elderly people or those who are sick or vulnerable. 

We all discuss the challenges of working at home or worry about bringing work home with us, but it is hard to imagine the great challenges facing our frontline workers.

Our family saw this firsthand as our mum was lovingly cared for during this pandemic by aged care workers, some who abandoned their family grocery shopping and visiting friends (even when allowed) because they were worried it put residents like my mum at risk.

Mike mask 580 


I will never forget this.

We’ve heard of some frontline staff, including in my own organisation, who have moved into aged care homes to avoid the risk of COVID transmission out in the community. These same workers are now heading towards being fully vaccinated as supply becomes available.

As Australia deals with a loud chorus of voices that look to apportion blame to every event we are facing, it would do us well to lift our eyes and really see the very personal price so many pay daily to keep us safe.

Today, as a grateful son but also on behalf of all of us who benefit from this front line of care, I am calling on the Prime Minister and Premiers across Australia to unite in declaring a Day of Appreciation for frontline aged care and health care workers.

Although there is a sector Aged Care Employee Day on August 7, our suggestion is to bring a united public show of frontline appreciation forward and broaden it on the International Day of Friendship, Friday 30 July.

Let’s all stop at 12pm, stand wherever we can safely or socially-distanced within restrictions we may be experiencing, and applaud for one minute.

At front windows, front gates or farm gates, on balconies or verandahs, street corners or workplace lobbies, nursing home and hospital entrances…

We have seen this done overseas and I think our frontline deserve the same.

Children could create their own signs for these moments saying, “Frontline, front of mind – thank you!” or “You Care, We Care!”

Others who cannot leave home could be on social media at the same time, with the hashtags #frontlinefrontofmind or #YouCareWeCare.

Maybe hanging face masks in our front windows (or for kids, soft toys masked up) to acknowledge those who daily wear PPE. Businesses could deploy large thank you banners.

And this could build momentum for ongoing, uplifting expressions of appreciation. These are just some ideas, no doubt there are many others.

Without ignoring the need for improved vaccine access and a cooperative approach to managing restrictions, behind this national gesture would be two benefits:

Imagine the difference it will make to those whose daily work weighs on every personal decision they make and whose care invisibly encircles our most precious people, and…

Imagine all of us putting aside perceived differences for even one minute to be thankful. How that might unite us, again, beyond blame, recrimination and most of all, fear.

It is acknowledgement well overdue and a reminder we all need.

Mike Baird Daily Telegraph Thursday July 22 2021 Frontline workers deserve a day of recognition 02