Scholarships awarded to women leaders in health sector

HammondCare has partnered with Woman and Leadership Australia (WLA) and Monash University to further develop the leadership skills of nine current and future female leaders within its health and hospitals division.

The scholarship recipients come from a range of occupations including nursing, medicine, pharmacy, people services, occupational therapy and nutrition services. They are located within HammondCare’s three health and hospital services in Greenwich, Braeside (Fairfield) and Neringah (Wahroonga) Hospitals.

Developing skills

Braeside Hospital scholarship winners 250

General Manager of HammondCare Health and Hospitals, Stewart James, said the Women In Leadership program was aimed at developing the skills of the HammondCare team beyond traditional managerial or clinical skills.

“The scholarship recipients have been identified as women with high potential to become leaders within HammondCare,” Mr James said. “We are a unique organisation, providing sub-acute services across three metropolitan hospitals in Sydney and we need to develop our next generation of leaders aligned with our corporate mission and values.

“The scholarships are offered through WLA, providing three course options, two courses offered through Monash University and one through The Australian School of Applied Management.

“These courses allows our staff to undertake leadership studies without the full commitment of postgraduate study. The program is grounded in principles of authentic and values-based leadership – qualities that are very important to HammondCare.

Scholarship program a first

Greenwich scholarship winners 250

“This is the first time we have offered the program, which was selected because it equips participants with the skills and insights they need to develop their own careers as well as strengthen the performance of their own teams.”

The total value of the scholarship program is more than $170,000 funded by grants from WLA and HammondCare.

Scholarship recipients are:

  • Aroha Sakaria – Nurse Unit Manager, Braeside Rehabilitation Unit
  • Sarah Brown – Head Dietician, Braeside Hospital
  • Felicity Burns – Nursing Unit Manager, Braeside Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit
  • Dr Josephine Clayton - Associate Professor and Palliative Care Staff Specialist, Centre for Learning and Research, Greenwich Hospital
  • Kate Needham – Head of Occupational Therapy, Greenwich Hospital
  • Kate Thomas – Chief Pharmacist for Health & Hospitals, Greenwich Hospital
  • Pauline Luttrell - People Services Business Partner to HammondCare Health and Hospitals
  • Michelle Wreyford – Leader of the Community Palliative Care team, Neringah Hospital
  • Rachel Mapariwa – Registered Nurse, Neringah Hospital’s Inpatient Palliative Care Unit.

For further information please contact HammondCare Public Affairs on 92686758 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.