Three generations feature in New Idea Mother's Day story

 Mother's Day this Sunday will be a very special one for three generations of Better Homes and Garden's host Johanna Griggs.

New Idea magazine organised a special photo shoot, at HammondCare's Erina aged care home, of Johanna, her mum Leigh and her grandmother Moreen, who's about to turn 100.

HammondCare Erina has provided care and support for Moreen since she moved to Harrier Cottage last year.

Born in Belfast in 1916, Moreen came to Australia when she was just 10. Johanna is one of 12 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren and New Idea reports: "'All the great-grandkids know Nanna really well. They're very lucky,' states Joh, who has two sons, Jesse, 20, and Joe, 19."

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Thrilled with care

The whole family is thrilled with the care Moreen receives at Erina. Joh says, "The care is exceptional here - not only is it amazing for Nanna, but everyone who comes in. They always greet everyone with a smile. "

Joh's mum - Moreen's daughter - Leigh, whole-heartedly agrees. "We are just thrilled and delighted to have mum here. The careers at Harrier Cottage go beyond anything you can imagine. They're warm, they're caring, they're empathetic. Mum is so content and we leave every visit feeling content and happy too."

Joh describes her Nanna as "a fighter and survivor". In the 1940's Moreen had a series of major surgeries that none of the doctors had expected her to survive. But she's gone onto live a rich and full life. Even just a couple of years ago she had a couple of heart attacks, but Jo says 'the doctors said at the time she had the heart of someone 20 years old!'

From everyone at HammondCare - happy Mother's Day to Johanna, Leigh, Moreen and all mums!

Special note: HammondCare highly values easy access to outdoor spaces for everyone, especially older people living in residential care. This wonderful photoshoot is an example of how outdoors spaces help support quality of life. Our new book The Outdoor Room by Annie Pollock will be published shortly with dozens of great ideas for creating meaningful outdoor spaces. Until then, check out her blog post.