HammondGrove - Australia's happiest place to retire!

HammondGrove independent living village at Hammondville has been featured as Australia’s happiest place in Australia to retire in a national segment on Channel 7’s Sunrise morning television program.

The segment presented by journalist Shaun White was initially intended as an interview with HammondGrove resident Jim Reynolds about the benefits of retirement village living. But the story took on a life of its own as Jim showed Shaun around and introduced him to other HammondGrove residents and before long he was billing it “the happiest place in Australia to retire.”

“It's a big call, I know,” Shaun said as he introduced the segment. “But the people you're about to meet - there's a bit of magic there.

“I had an absolute ball spending the morning with Jim, Helen, Kathy, Maxine and the rest of the community. So where is this little gem hidden? First clue - it's in south-west Sydney. Welcome to HammondGrove.”

It grew like topsy!

Jim said after watching the segment on Monday morning that he was “impressed” with the way HammondGrove had been portrayed and was not really surprised how well it turned out.

“We’d completed the interview at my home and I said I’d show him our café, as the coffee is great, and there were a group of friends there having their morning coffee. Then like topsy, it grew!”

The rest, as they say is history. Shaun and his crew were surrounded with joyful people and the cameras came back on as other residents took the opportunity to share their stories.

“It just came across so natural, it worked our very well, but we were just going for a walk! We came round the corner and there were about 12 people in a circle having a coffee, and well, it was bedlam!”

Nomad happy to settle

Jim, a retired police sergeant, says that despite being a bit of nomad most of his life, he was very happy to have settled at HammondGrove four years ago.

This was particularly because it allowed his wife Margaret to transition to HammondCare’s nearby dementia care cottages, where she lived until her death. During those years of care, Jim was able to walk to see her everyday and participate meaningfully in her life and care.

Now the community friendships found at HammondGrove are vital in this next season of life, as is the opportunity to participate in the many activities of the village, including the Australia-first Arts on Prescription program.

And he is also able to pursue his many other interests, including being a Christmas Santa at a range of venues including schools – but that’s another story.

HammondCare spokesperson David Martin says the organisation has worked hard to ensure the HammondGrove villages at Hammondville and now Miranda, provide excellent accommodation and facilities; opportunities for a friendly, relaxed lifestyle and good value for money.

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