85 tips for ageing well – Festival of Ageing held in NSW Seniors Week

Being socially active and keeping fit are just two of the 85 top tips to help us age well, released this week for NSW Seniors Week, by leading health and aged care provider, HammondCare.

“Ageing can be a fulfilling and positive stage of life – whatever our circumstances - and there are many steps we can take to make the most of our later years,” said Prof Chris Poulos, Head of HammondCare’s Centre for Positive Ageing.

“To that end, and to help celebrate HammondCare’s 85th birthday, we have released a list of 85 tips to help us all age well, available here."

Some of the top tips include:

  1. Keep your old friends and make new ones.
  2. Spend time with younger people – they can learn from you, and you might even learn from them!
  3. Don’t be afraid of technology – computers and the internet open up lots of new possibilities.
  4. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to age well, so aim to be physically active on most, or ideally, every day of the week. 30 minutes on most days is the recommendation, but it can be broken down into smaller amounts if you can’t do it all at once.
  5. Challenge your mind by learning new things that interest you. For example, learn a language, learn to dance, read more, learn a musical instrument, do a community college course.

HammondCare’s Centre for Positive Ageing, which runs a range of programs to help people age well, will hold a Festival of Ageing to coincide with NSW Seniors Week next week at Hammondville, in Sydney ‘s south-west.

The Festival will be held from 8-10 March, starting at 10 am each day, and is open to the public.

As part of the Festival, there will be an unofficial world record attempt of the largest outdoor exercise class for people aged over 70 years and everyone is welcome to join in (of any age!) at 10 am on Thursday, 9 March at Hammondville, followed by the official release of the 85 tips for ageing well and HammondCare’s 85th birthday celebration.

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