Residential Care Partnering In Care Survey - What you told us and what we are doing

As an independent Christian organisation, HammondCare is passionate about improving quality of life of the people we serve.

In order to meet this promise, we are committed to listening and acting on feedback from residents and representatives. This allows us to have a much clearer picture of how well we are providing our services, and more importantly, to identify the areas in which we could improve.

Feedback is always welcome 365 days a year. However, one of the annual ways HammondCare asks for feedback is through the Partnering in Care Survey (conducted by Voice Project).

The most recent survey was conducted in late 2019 and allowed us to measure resident and representative satisfaction with HammondCare’s services across a broad range of areas, helping us pinpoint strengths and opportunities for improvement.

To learn about the results of the survey, you can watch our video.



What happens next?

Every care home is different, and in turn, will be addressing different improvement initiatives. Over the following months, each local HammondCare Team will be in touch with residents and representatives to talk through these initiatives and to develop a plan to address specific feedback.

For any comments or suggestions you might have, please visit our website feedback page here or call us on 1800 776 112 – we genuinely welcome your input 365 days a year.