Palliative Care Week: Launch of advance care planning education

HammondCare has been commissioned by South Australian Health to pilot an education package that provides advance care planning training to residential aged care staff.

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HammondCare palliative care health professionals are piloting the education package with RSL Care South Australia at its War Veterans Home and Morlancourt nursing homes during the next three months.

Community Palliative Care Development Manager, Sarah Fox, said that during COVID-19, palliative care and advance care planning had been widely discussed and, more than ever, was seen as core business in providing quality care.

HammondCare’s palliative care team have launched the pilot as part of Palliative Care Week 2020 which has the theme, “It’s more than you think”.

“The advance care planning education will assist to build capacity, improve knowledge and empower staff to have, what can be challenging conversations, with residents and their families,” Sarah said.

“It will also provide training in how to review residents for signs of deterioration and unmet palliative care needs.

“The key message of our training is that advance care planning is a process where open and honest communication is essential to learning what matters most to each individual and is not just a matter of ticking boxes on a form.”

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Sarah, along with Kelly Arthurs CNC, are delivering the training online through tele-education which, although not a new concept, is now more than ever an accepted way of communication and allows organisations to access essential training in a cost effective and timely way.

“Education is delivered on the participants’ site, numbers are not limited, and of course there are no travel costs or time,” Sarah said.

The education package consists of online presentations, workshops including case studies, and mentoring. Planning, technical support and evaluation will be key to the success of this pilot program – with the eventual goal being to deliver it to residential care services across Australia.

For more information about HammondCare's palliative care services and resource, visit The Palliative Centre.