Palliative care clinicians bring thought leadership to world stage

HammondCare palliative care specialists and clinicians are major contributors to a soon to be launched, ground-breaking book that presents palliative care as a science, clinical practice and as an art.

HammondCare Clinical Consultant, Prof Rod MacLeod is one of two international Editors-in Chief for the 101 chapter Textbook of Palliative Care (Springer) being launched at the European Association of Palliative Care World Congress in Berlin on May 24.

Coinciding with National Palliative Care Week in Australia, the release of the new book highlights that the palliative care thought leadership capability of Australia and New Zealand can positively impact the experience of dying for people around the world.“We have endeavoured to produce a textbook that showcases the multi- and interdisciplinarity of palliative care and is unique in bringing together authors from all fields of palliative care – physical, psychological, social, and existential or spiritual,” Prof MacLeod said.

“Our authors have drawn not only on the evidence available but also on their own practical wisdom. They have summarised and extended the state of the art in their field and challenge the reader with new insights, challenges, opportunities, and potential future evolutions.”

Senior Staff Specialist at HammondCare’s Greenwich Hospital, A/Prof Melanie Lovell is a section editor for Symptom Assessment and Management, drawing on her extensive clinical experience and her nationally acclaimed research into cancer pain management.

Prof Josephine Clayton, Director of HammondCare’s Palliative Care Centre for Learning and Research, contributes on the topic of advance care planning drawing on her years of clinical practice and leadership of the federally funded, national Advance project, teaching GPs and nurses how to have advance care planning conversations.

And on the more artistic side, HammondCare clinicians and artists wrote the chapter, Creative Art Making in Palliative Care, while co-author of Lobster for Josino, speech pathologist Prudence Ellis, writes about the impact of swallowing difficulties on the enjoyment of food.

Josephine Clayton 2000

​​​​Pictured: Professor Josephine Clayton sits with a patient.

“Neither the science nor the art of palliative care will stand still, so we hope to be able to keep this textbook updated as the authors find new evidence and approaches to care,” said Prof MacLeod, who is also an author of The Palliative Care Handbook, published in Australia by HammondCare.

For more information about the Textbook of Palliative Care, visit the Springer website

Full list of chapter contributions from HammondCare

HammondCare chapter authors (bold)

  • Advance Care Planning in Palliative Care – Josephine M. Clayton, Tim Luckett, Karen
  • Approach and Nature of Palliative Care – Roderick D MacLeod
  • Creative Art Making in Palliative Care – Kirsty Beilharz, Christopher Poulos, Roslyn Poulos, Janette Fodera (artist), Andrew Cole, Roderick MacLeod
  • Pain and Pain Management – Abigail E Franklin, Melanie R Lovell
  • Physical, Psychological/Psychiatric, Social, and Spiritual Problems and Symptoms – Philip J Siddall and Roderick D MacLeod
  • Swallowing Difficulties – Prudence Ellis, Jacqui Allen