One thousand reasons to celebrate volunteers

A chance discovery has led to a new friendship for Clint, who has been officially named HammondCare’s 1000th active volunteer.

A chance discovery has led to a new friendship for Clint, who has been officially named HammondCare’s 1000th active volunteer.

The Mudgee miner, 41, was congratulated in Bathurst this week as HammondCare celebrated reaching the significant milestone. Bathurst Regional Council Mayor Graeme Hanger and HammondCare at Home General Manager David Martin were there to thank all the volunteers for their contribution.

Clint was searching online for a job for his partner when he came across an advertisement for HammondCare volunteering opportunities.

“I’m on a family-friendly roster that gives me some days off during the week, so I just thought, ‘why not’,” Clint explained.

“I was raised by my grandparents and I regularly visited my grandmother when she moved into a nursing home, and I saw how much of a difference it made when people had regular visitors.”

After his application, an initial interview and training, Clint was paired with 89-year-old Ron for weekly visits at Ron’s home.

“Clint comes every Tuesday. He usually picks up some tucker on the way so we’ll have a yarn and have a feed,” Ron explained.

Ron Clint FINAL

​​​​Pictured: Clint and Ron

“He’s a very nice bloke, very companionable. We talk about work and rugby.”

Ron speaks highly of his loving family and HammondCare at Home care workers, but said it’s good to have another man to catch up with regularly.

“It’s something to look forward to every Tuesday. It makes a world of difference, I thoroughly recommend it,” he said.

Clint said he too looks forward to his weekly catch-up with his new mate, and encouraged others to look into similar opportunities.

“If it brings a smile to Ron’s face then I’m happy to do it,” he said.

“If you have time for it then give it a go. It’s the right thing to do. I believe HammondCare is doing a great job and more people should look into volunteering with them. Not everyone has a great family network so they’ll always need more volunteers.”

HammondCare Head of Volunteer Services, Reverend Andrew Nixon, said Clint was a great example of the wide variety of volunteers who assist HammondCare in different capacities around Australia.

“It’s a great blessing to have so many caring, enthusiastic volunteers working alongside our paid care staff. They bring the precious gift of time. Quality of care is important of course, but quality of life is where volunteers really make an impact,” Mr Nixon said.

“Volunteering is an integral part of HammondCare’s rich history, and indeed the social fabric of Australia. The things we do for others without thought of reward or recognition make us stronger as a society.”

Mr Nixon said HammondCare is looking for more volunteers of any age or background, as long as they are passionate about caring for older people.

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