Music remembers me official launches

'Music remembers me: Connection and Wellbeing in Dementia' by Dr Kirsty Beilharz, has been officially launched at an event held at HammondCare’s Pallister House.

“My goal was to write a book to help anybody who is looking after someone living with dementia, who doesn’t need to have a knowledge of music or technology” said author, Kirsty Beilharz.

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The book was formally launched by Kirsten Williams, Associate Concertmaster, from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. On the night, Kirsten spoke about her experiences with music and the emotional impact it has on people - before declaring the book ‘officially launched’.

“This book is important because it shows us practical ways we can use music to help our loved ones deal with dementia,” said Ms Williams.

In attendance was Helen Mackman, the daughter of Marion Vassallo, who features on the front cover of the book.

“To have Mum featured on the book is very exciting and a great legacy,” said Helen.

“As you can see in all of these photos, as soon as I put the music on, her face lit up and she’d sing out loud.”

About the book

In the book, Kirsty Beilharz traces the impact of individually-tailored music from the early stages of dementia through to providing dignity, reminiscence, enlivening and even restoring speech in advanced stages of dementia.

It helps us understand how music interacts with our brains and why people who can no longer speak may be able to sing-along with a favourite song from their youth.

Music remembers me brings to life the experience of people living with dementia and their interaction with music through an Australian-first research project involving more than 700 aged care residents.