Latest global research and insights on dementia

Leading international and national experts on dementia as well as palliative care, nursing and design feature in a major online event to share the latest trends, issues, and research.

IDC 2020 580Thousands of online delegates will participate in this two-day virtual conference, including delegates and speakers with dementia and carers talking about their experiences.

HammondCare's International Dementia Conference, Care in the Age of Outrage, is one of the world’s most significant dementia conferences and for the first time will be a virtual event due to Covid-19 restrictions. Globally more than 50 million people live with dementia, which is also the second leading cause of death. By 2050, more than 156 million people world-wide are expected to be living with dementia. In Australia by 2025, the cost of dementia is set to reach $18.7 billion.

Key highlights include:

  • Dementia doesn’t exist! Renowned international prevention expert, Prof Craig Ritchie (Edinburgh), brings a startling challenge to health and aged care with the latest research.
  • Care in the time of Covid-19 is the focus of an international expert panel from the UK, Netherlands and Australia who will discuss current experiences of Covid-19 in aged and dementia care across the world, what we’ve learned and how this will inform future care.
  • HammondCare’s new CEO Mike Baird will speak on Care in the Age of Outrage in his first public address since taking on the role from Dr Stephen Judd.
  • Dementia is beautiful, says MJ Grant (US) whose video with her mum of their sign language conversation has gone viral. ‘Within the confusion there can be such beauty.’
  • Federal Minister for Aged Care, Senator Richard Colbeck will address the conference at a critical time in the Covid-19 pandemic and Aged Care Royal Commission. Shadow Minister Julie Collins will also speak.
  • Dr Emi Kiyota from US/Japan is the founder and director of Ibasho, and will speak on co-creation with elders as part of a world-class dementia and cityscape design panel.
  • Tully Smyth - writer, podcaster, influencer and former Big Brother contestant, tragically lost her mum to younger onset dementia and will share the perspective of a younger carer.

Other presentations include: What’s nursing got to do with aged care ~ #BPSD ~ Stevie the robot ~ Older people’s homelessness ~ Dying and dementia ~ Impact of delirium in science and practice ~ Love in the time of dementia ~ Launch of the Talking Sense audio book.

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