Specialist aged care home planned for people who are homeless

HammondCare has announced plans for a purpose-built residential care home for the aged homeless in Sydney’s Darlinghurst, to be operational from 2017.

Chief Executive Dr Stephen Judd said this was a significant project that would fill a major need in service provision in the area.

“The aged homeless and those at risk of homelessness are increasing in numbers and sadly, often fall through the cracks of existing service provision,“ Dr Judd said.

“This project aims to alleviate this demand in inner-Sydney and also provide a unique care model for this group – long term, specialist care for people with complex needs.”

Dr Judd said most care homes for homeless people in the Darlinghurst area provided short-term shelter or long term accommodation but without higher levels of care: “We want to deliver a distinctive service for both older men and women, who may have complex needs and require long term care.”

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Local partnerships

HammondCare plans to build the home at 118A Darlinghurst Road, currently a car wash, adjacent to St John’s Church. The organisation will lease the site from the church, which also runs the Rough Edges cafe, catering for the homeless population in the area.

Rector of St John’s Anglican Church, Darlinghurst, Rev Edward Vaughan, said the church was excited about the project.

“We believe this project will make a significant contribution to the lives of people who are currently homeless, or who are at risk of ending up on the streets.

“St John's has been serving homeless people for almost 30 years through Rough Edges, as well as other ministries like our Legal Centre, Education Program and provision of social work services.

"We welcome HammondCare’s plans to provide quality accommodation and aged care for people who are doing it tough. We are keen to continue to make a positive contribution to our community, and be a blessing for the people of Kings Cross and Darlinghurst,” Rev Vaughan said.

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Complementary design

The development application (DA) will go before City of Sydney Council in April. The proposed five-storey building will accommodate about 50 people, and the low-impact design will allow clear views of the Church’s heritage-listed spire.

Dr Judd said HammondCare was involved in discussions with health and community providers in the area, including St Vincent’s Hospital, about possible referrals for the home. It has also begun meeting, in partnership with St John’s, with community and resident groups to discuss the project. A public information night was held on March 22.

“This is a significant development in an area that has the highest concentration of older people who are homeless in NSW. We are committed to providing a service that aims to help older people - who are in dire need - regain independence and stability in their lives,” Dr Judd said.

HammondCare traces its origins to Rev Bob Hammond who rescued 110 destitute families from the streets of inner Sydney during the Great Depression and established them in homes at what is now the suburb of Hammondville in Sydney's south-west.

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