International palliative care scholarships announced

A Greenwich Hospital nurse has been awarded a $40,000 international scholarship to further her studies in palliative care.

A Greenwich Hospital nurse has been awarded a $40,000 international scholarship to further her studies in palliative care.

Janelle Chruszcz was announced as the recipient of HammondCare’s St Christopher Hospice scholarship which will see her travel to the UK for a six week placement at one of the world’s leading palliative care hospices and nursing academies.

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General Manager of HammondCare’s Health and Hospitals, Stewart James, said Janelle’s scholarship would provide for further learning and understanding of different models of palliative care service provision.

“She will gain experience and exposure to palliative care practices in other care settings, both within Australia and internationally that she can bring back and share with other staff at Greenwich,” Mr James said.

“The scholarship will further Janelle’s clinical leadership and mentoring skills to cultivate quality nursing staff at HammondCare and strengthen the collaborative partnerships with the international palliative care community.”

Janelle is currently the Nurse Unit Manager for the Greenwich Specialist Palliative Care Unit and a graduate of the HammondCare Leadership development Program of 2016.

“St Christopher’s Hospice is generally regarded to be at the forefront of innovation in palliative care,” Janelle said.

“For us here at HammondCare, with our various inpatient units and community palliative care teams, to be able to be exposed to best practice from somewhere like St Christopher’s Hospice is a fantastic opportunity and I believe will deliver real benefits and innovations for our patients.”

This scholarship is another step forward in HammondCare’s engagement with international partners in the UK and New Zealand.

Scholarships to New Zealand hospices

Mr James announced that a further two scholarships had been awarded to two nurses to enable them to study community based palliative care at hospices in New Zealand.

Suzanne Sara and Rachael Zielinski have been announced as recipients of the 2017 HammondCare Hospice NZ Palliative Care Nursing Scholarship.

The scholarships involve experiential learning in palliative care at Hospice Taranaki (New Plymouth) and Otago Community Hospice (Dunedin). Both hospices are considered international leaders in the field in palliative care.

Suzanne Sara and Rachale Zielinski

For Suzanne Sara, the scholarship provides a broader outlook on patient care and the opportunity to learn about how other cultures deal with death and dying.

“I am looking forward to meeting like-minded people who share the same passion for palliative care as me, and for the chance to witness the Tikanga guidelines of care in action, which honour and respect Maori values and beliefs in frontline service delivery.”

Her travel-partner, Rachael Zielinski, showed equal enthusiasm.

“Personally, I am hoping that this opportunity will allow me to broaden my knowledge, meet others who share my passion for providing exceptional, holistic palliative care and bring new ideas and thoughts back to my workplace,” Ms Zielinski said.

“The scholarship is a great opportunity for nurses within HammondCare and I am really looking forward to meeting people from the hospices, sharing experiences, learning how they care for their patients and coming back to share this with the great team I work with in HammondCare.”