HammondCare scholarships empower women in leadership

Combining clinical and professional excellence with leadership expertise is on the agenda again for HammondCare.

Combining clinical and professional excellence with leadership expertise is on the agenda again for HammondCare.

HammondCare is proud to partner with Women and Leadership Australia in offering scholarships to 18 women in leadership - double the number of scholarships from the inaugural program last year.

NSW Secretary of Health, Elizabeth Koff, was the guest of honour as HammondCare officially launched the 2018 program at Greenwich Hospital on Wednesday, April 18.

Ms Koff spoke about traits including integrity, hard work, perseverance and ambition, and encouraged the recipients to look for opportunities beyond their clinical training.

“HammondCare is being quite visionary in its approach by creating this opportunity for scholarships. It's an extraordinary opportunity that you've been given, so seize it with both hands and run,” she said.

“I can't applaud HammondCare enough on the creation of this initiative, because one thing I've learned on the leadership journey is fostering talent and developing our workforce is the most important thing we need to do.” HammondCare Health and Hospitals General Manager Stewart James said the program demonstrates a commitment to building workplace capability and developing future leaders.

“The scholarship recipients come from a wide range of disciplines but one thing they have in common is their incredible potential to become high performing leaders in their field. Their imagination and courage have already set them apart as emerging leaders,” Mr James said.

One of the 18 successful applicants this year is Greenwich Hospital Ambulatory Services Team Leader Prudence Ellis.

Ms Ellis began working with HammondCare in 2011, became a senior speech pathologist in 2014, and took on her new role in addition to that position in March.

“The leadership team at HammondCare have provided support and guidance over the years and set an example of strong leadership. This is my core motivation to remain with HammondCare long-term and pursue leadership skills and credentials. I hope to contribute to the organisation and to the community with these skills and continue to enable excellence in healthcare,” she said.

“I'm really looking forward to receiving an evidence-based management education, furthering my credentials, and learning new ways of approaching my role.”

Community Palliative Care Director Felicity Burns, a 2017 scholarship recipient, said the program inspired her to “have it all” as a woman in management. She reflected on some of the things she learned, including creating a safe environment for people to try new things.

“What drives me may not be what drives you. We're all different, our teams are all different, and we need to learn from our teams and know our teams so we can actually use their strengths and grow them,” Ms Burns said.

“We want to put people into positions that motivate them and keep them growing.”

Mr James said he looked forward to seeing how the inaugural recipients mentor and inspire their colleagues.

“The recipients will not only benefit from the fully-funded study opportunity, but also from the wisdom and insight they will share with each other and receive from the women who went before them,” he said.

“We know this will equip and empower them as mentors to the next generation of women in the nursing, medical, allied health, business and administration ranks of HammondCare. Having highly capable and confident women in strategic leadership roles will ensure we continue to attract and retain quality people into our workforce so we can deliver the best care possible.”

Successful applicants are sponsored by HammondCare and Women and Leadership Australia to undertake courses through the Australian School of Applied Management, which hold credit towards Monash University's Masters of Leadership qualification. The 2018 scholarship program is valued at more than $240,000.

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