Celebrating our nurses, the backbone of our services at HammondCare

A special video, The Value of Nursing, has been released today to mark International Nurses Day; and to help celebrate the important work nurses do as the 'backbone' of our services at HammondCare.

HammondCare employs over 700 nurses across its operations, in various roles, and are described as the “backbone” of our services by chief executive, Dr Stephen Judd.

“As a group of staff that provide a backbone across all of our services, be it in the community, our hospitals or residential, it is our nurses," said Dr Judd.

“The position of a nurse is pivotal to our services at HammondCare because it is their responsibility to care for the whole person,” said Rosemary Bond, former Director of Nursing.

“Nurses like to be understood and listened to, and given the opportunities to use the skills they have. As those opportunities increase, nurses will take them up and they will blossom.”

Nurses are described in the video as the “torchbearers” of HammondCare’s culture and principles of care.

Director of the Dementia Centre, Assoc Prof Colm Cunningham, who is a nurse, says: “Nurses are critical. They’re a critical part of a collective team. We could not do what we do without the nursing role.”

He said there is wide variety of opportunities and roles for nurses throughout HammondCare: “You see nurses doing lots of different things at HammondCare….there is such a variety of seats on the bus.”

General Manager of Residential Care, Angela Raguz, also a trained nurse, says HammondCare is a place where you don’t have to be a conventional nurse. “If everybody was the same… we wouldn’t have the richness and depth we do as an organisation.

“I’ve always felt privileged and grateful that I could be the ‘unconventional nurse’ and do what I do, and have a career, and make a difference to people’s lives, but not have to fit a mould that people think a nurse should look like.”

Janelle Chruszcz, Nurse Unit Manager at Greenwich Hospital, says HammondCare offers lots of opportunities for nurses: “There are lots of opportunities to grow and develop, and you can also diversify. Within HammondCare there are quite a few specialities that nurses are able to move between.” Janelle, recently received a scholarship to travel to the UK and observe the nursing practices of St. Christopher’s Hospice in London.

This year’s theme for International Nurses Day is “a voice to lead”.

Watch HammondCare's 'The Value of Nursing' video here: