Amazing nurses ready to race

The race is on to recognise HammondCare’s brilliant nurses ahead of International Nurses Day on May 12.

The race is on to recognise HammondCare’s brilliant nurses ahead of International Nurses Day on May 12.

Braeside Hospital celebrated the annual occasion with an Amazing Race-style competition on Friday, May 11. 

The staff all have the most important skill necessary to emerge victorious, according to clinical nurse consultant Teresia Matsveru.

“There is a huge amount of teamwork at Braeside,” Mrs Matsveru said.

“It’s a very friendly environment. It feels like a second home where everyone respects each other despite our different backgrounds.”

Endorsed enrolled nurse Sunny Sok said the staff are also good at adapting to new challenges.

“Every patient is different so every day on the job brings different challenges. It’s very rewarding,” Mr Sok said.

The two nurses, who work in palliative care and aged care psychiatry respectively, agreed the best part of the job is helping patients.

Their daily work exemplifies the HammondCare mission of improving quality of life for people in need.

Mrs Matsveru shared one story of caring for an older lady who did not have any close family.

“On her last day, she wanted someone just to sit with her and hold her hand. She didn’t want to talk, she just wanted the presence of another person. I don’t know how long I sat with her, but I stayed by her side until she died as it was important to her,” Mrs Matsveru said.

“It takes a special kind of person with special skills to be a nurse. You need a caring heart, to feel for others and be empathetic.

“I think nursing is such a satisfying and rewarding profession.”

Sunny Sok said he uses his language skills to better assist patients from Fairfield’s Cambodian community.

“I remember one lady who came in with poor English skills. We both spoke Khmer, and so I was able to help calm and settle her,” he said.

“She got better and went back home, and since then I’ve seen her around in the Cambodian community. She even introduced me to her family. It was great to see her doing well and know she was being looked after.

“I like working and helping people in the area where I live. I even went to high school with some of the people I work with now, so it’s nice being part of such a close-knit team and community.”

International Nurses Day is recognised every year on May 12, the birthday of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.

HammondCare embodies Florence Nightingale’s commitment to best practice by supporting nurses to undertake post-graduate training. Mrs Matsveru is currently completing her Master of Nurse Practitioner; the highest nursing qualification available.

“We receive a huge amount of support from management with career development opportunities. They go the extra mile and support you to progress in your career,” Mrs Matsveru said.

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