Health and aged care workers like Roshni deserve our gratitude on Day of Appreciation

HammondCare dementia care worker Roshni Acharya is putting her all into keeping the residents she works with safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Day of Appreciation Roshni Acharya frontline workerHammondCare dementia care worker Roshni Acharya is putting her all into keeping the residents she works with at Hammondville’s The Meadows aged care home safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roshni is one of so many frontline workers in the health and aged care sector who deserve our thanks on the Day of Appreciation today with midday applause or use of hashtags #FrontlineFrontOfMind or #YouCareWeCare

Roshni said the residents she supports, many living with dementia, are like her family.

“I don’t feel like I am doing some kind of job. I like to look after the residents like they are family members,” Roshni said.

During the present Delta variant COVID-19 outbreak, Roshni has has chosen to shun buses and trains to get to and from her Guildford home – relying instead on safer rideshare services to minimise her chance cross infection for residents.

HammondCare, in line with Public Health Orders, has been requiring Roshni to get a COVID-19 test every three days. To top it off, Roshni – who is fully vaccinated – also lives with the stress of knowing her dad Khaga in Nepal has still not fully recovered from a life-threatening COVID-19 infection. Last year he spent 15 days in ICU.

“I feel nervous every time I get the test that I might be positive but I know that when the testing comes back negative the residents are safe,” she said.

“Please get vaccinated, stay at home and whenever you are away from home wear a mask – you don’t know who you might give the infection to.”

Roshni, 24, who immigrated from Nepal two years ago, wants to make a career in aged care and is planning to start her study as a Registered Nurse next year.

HammondCare Chief Executive Mike Baird is urging the nation to make today, July 30, an opportunity to say thanks to frontline aged care and health workers like Roshni for the their service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Often in challenging times real heroes step forward and our aged care workers and our health care workers are inspiring,” Mr Baird said. “This is about everyone just taking a moment to say thank you to our health care workers and aged care workers for what they do.” 

Mr Baird said one gesture could be to applaud for one minute at midday, depending on the socially distanced restrictions that apply, and maybe arrange for a short video of themselves to put on social media to show support.

Another suggestion is to share messages of support, create handwritten signs, and use the hashtags #FrontlineFrontOfMind or #YouCareWeCare.

Mr Baird said he experienced firsthand the dedication of aged care staff during the pandemic with the care shown to his late mum. Right now in Sydney hospitals 54 people are in ICU needing care to live as they fight COVID-19.

HammondCare will be taking up the call and marking the Day of Appreciation with signs, displays, applause and more across all its aged care and health locations, as lockdown restrictions allow.